By Kim McDermott, Wellness Manager
An annual tradition! Each year our Wellness Staff pick their top supplement and body care products for the new year. Here are 17, in no particular order, selected for 2017.

1. Gaia Herbs Golden Milk

Gaia Herbs’ Golden Milk is based on the Ayurvedic tradition of blending warm milk, turmeric and spices. Gaia’s delicious blend includes turmeric, black pepper, vanilla, dates, cardamom and ashwagandha. Just add your favorite milk and you’ve got a warming healthy beverage.

HINT: Using a milk with fat in it will help you absorb the curcumin from the turmeric.

2. Dr. Bronner’s Toothpaste

Dr. Bronner’s has created a toothpaste with the perfect combo—great ingredients and performance. With 70% organic ingredients, it contains no fluoride or SLS, a synthetic foaming agent. Instead, coconut flour and coconut oil are used as cleansing agents. No worries, it still performs like a regular toothpaste, only without the stuff you don’t want.

3. KAL Magnesium Gycinate

Year after year magnesium continues to be one of the top selling supplements in the Wellness Department. It’s no surprise, given magnesium’s critical role in the body. It’s multiple functions include supporting healthy cells, nerves, muscles, bones and heart health. This form of magnesium is known as the ‘gentle magnesium’—it’s well absorbed and less likely to have a laxative effect.

4. Jenuinely Pure Body Cream

This company is located right here in Ames – that’s as local as you can get! A very concentrated cream with no added water, just cocoa butter, shea butter, mango seed butter, and oils. Choose from either vanilla or cherry sandalwood. Use this on chapped hands and skin before bed and you’ll wake up with baby soft skin.

5. Alaffia Coconut Reishi Activated Charcoal Deodorants

An all natural deodorant featuring reishi mushroom extract, activated charcoal, coconut oil and neem oil. Of course it’s aluminum free too. We like Alaffia’s mission of empowering communities in West Africa and, especially, that it supports women and children in the region.

6. Natural Factors Tranquil Sleep

A chewable supplement that works in harmony with your natural sleep hormones. It combines three different ingredients to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It’s non-habit forming and best of all, doesn’t leave you feeling groggy in the morning.

7. Essential Oil Diffusers

Choose from NOW and Aura Cacia brands. Either diffuser will efficiently and quietly diffuse your essential oils using ultrasonic vibrations to produce an ultrafine mist and transform any space with a lovely scent. No heat is used, so the integrity of the oils is protected. Try the NOW diffuser for smaller areas, and Aura Cacia’s model for larger rooms. A great alternative to synthetic room fresheners.

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8. Xlear Saline Nasal Spray

One of our top sellers for sinus health. This saline spray includes xylitol and grapefruit seed extract to clean and moisturize nasal passages and help wash away pollutants and irritants. Xylitol has been shown to have oral and upper respiratory health benefits. Many infections enter the body through the nose, so keeping this on hand in the winter may help keep you healthy.

9. Weleda Arnica Muscle Soak

I use this after working in the garden when my muscles are feeling achy. This milky bath soak uses organic arnica and birch extracts which help relieve fatigue and tiredness, while lavender and rosemary essential oils provide a relaxing scent. Try this after a workout to ease sore muscles or anytime you need a calming, restorative bath.

10. Inesscents Organic Cocoa Butter – Coconut and Vanilla scent

Food for your skin! This stuff smells good enough to eat. Try this premium quality Fair Trade blend of all natural butters and oils for all of your DIY and skin needs, such as soothing dry, chapped skin, baby buns, and stretch marks.

11. Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein

A 100% plant based organic protein that is organic with no GMO’s, gluten, sugar or dairy. The company has created a really smooth, non-gritty vegan protein made with organic peas and 13 sprouted grains, seeds and legumes. Probiotics and enzymes are added for efficient digestion. Try it in your morning smoothie, yum!

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12. Trace Minerals Concentrace Mineral Drops

A multi-purpose mineral concentrate that contains over 70 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake with 99% of the sodium removed. These liquid minerals work great for re-mineralizing distilled or reverse osmosis water, maintaining pH balance in the body, assisting in the assimilation of vitamins and as an electrolyte replacement. Another amazing use- try a small amount when watering your houseplants. My plants have flourished since I’ve started using this, no kidding!

13. Acure Ultra Hydrating Shampoo

Provides moisture to dry and damaged hair, leaving it soft and manageable. While the organic argan oil, argan extract, CoQ10, organic sea buckthorn oil and organic pumpkin seed oil adds shine, my favorite thing about this shampoo is the wonderful almond scent.

14. Renew Life Shelf stable Probiotics

Shelf stable probiotics are becoming ever more popular as they can conveniently be used for travel without sacrificing potency or quality. Choose from several different varieties to suit your particular situation.

15. Badger Cocoa butter Lip balm

Okay, it may be a small thing, but hey there’s nothing like a good lip balm, right? I love the smell of this balm and how it moisturizes my lips.

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16. Nordic Omega Curcumin

Omega Curcumin is a combination of concentrated omega-3s, and the powerful antioxidants curcumin, L-glutathione, and N-acetylcysteine (NAC). Each nutrient plays a role in reducing oxidative stress to help maintain cellular health and support metabolic balance.

17. Cocokind Baby Products

I love the simple ingredients in all of the Cocokind products, and that the line is USDA Organic – a notable achievement for body care. The baby oil and powder each have only four high quality ingredients, with no harsh chemicals or preservatives.