Adopted April 25, 2012 by the Wheatsfield Board of Directors

Business practices
Model ethical business and employment practices by acting with honesty, integrity and and respect in the workplace and the marketplace.

Concern for community
Play an active role in building thriving, sustainable relationships between our members, the store and the local community while sharing our resources for the betterment of the community in ways that honor our mission and cooperative principles.

Democratic member control
Operate such that members democratically elect the Board, which holds regular meetings to create the vision for the future of Wheatsfield and maintain the fiduciary responsibility of the organization. The Board values transparency and interaction with members and is available in-store on a monthly (if not bi-weekly) basis.

Education, training, and information
Strengthen its educational role by regularly providing our members and the community-at-large with learning opportunities focused on health and nutrition.

Local economy
Value Iowa producers as an integral part of our culture and make an effort to highlight local fare and increase the amount of food purchased locally. We will serve as a resource to local producers and strive to improve the economic viability of our community.

Member economic participation
Make the store accessible so that everyone can shop and every customer is treated like a potential/future member-owner. We are a community that embraces the diversity of our membership and we offer member-owners the opportunity to invest financially in supporting the store.

Recycling and the environment
Support and promote environmentally responsible products, business and agricultural practices.


Articles of Incorporation

Wheatsfield History Continued

…The newly incorporated MAFA moved out of Alumni Hall into a small space at 114 Des Moines Avenue in downtown Ames. It wasn’t long before more space was needed and in March of 1977 another move was made to a store-front at 136 Main Street. In these tiny spaces, bulk foods, some supplements, milk alternatives, and local produce were offered to the people of Ames.

In 1980, the store was moved to 413 Douglas in Downtown Ames. The produce cooler, bulk bins and the original walk-in cooler were eventually added and the store was able to significantly increase the products it offered in the larger 1,200 square foot space. In 1985, the members decided to change the name of the business to Wheatsfield Grocery and to institute the Share Investment Plan. There were several resets and remodels in the 1990’s and in October of 2001, Wheatsfield expanded into 1,975 square feet of retail space by leasing the location adjacent to 413 Douglas. The wall was removed between the two spaces and the combined store was reset from the floor up with many new products, equipment, and a small seating area. Membership and sales volume exploded in the new store and in June of 2003 a second cash register lane and a point of sale system were added to accommodate the growth.

In the same year, 2002, Wheatsfield set its future course by joining the Midwest Cooperative Grocers Association which is now National Cooperative Grocers, taking a step into the cooperative world outside of Ames. Wheatsfield celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2004 and continued its remarkable growth. The Wheatsfield Board of Directors recognized the need for more space and a probable expansion outside of the current store and began working on establishing the legal identity of Wheatsfield as a cooperative in the state of Iowa. In January of 2005 the cooperative entity, Wheatsfield Cooperative was born.

In July of 2005, the Board established a patronage dividend system to take the place of cash register discounts so that profits from the operation of the business could be allocated and distributed to the members in proportion to their patronage of the Co-op. In 2006, the Wheatsfield Board was able to declare the first patronage dividend to the members.

As it continued to grow, Wheatsfield met an important milestone in 2007 as the store achieved $2 million in sales for its 2006-2007 fiscal year. This accomplishment meant that the store had surpassed a retail benchmark of $1,000 in sales per square foot, which is an indicator of the need to expand its retail space.

As the limitations of the 413 Douglas space became more apparent, the Wheatsfield Board worked to find a site to build a larger store. In 2008, Wheatsfield signed a lease for retail space at 413 Northwestern Ave, the former Sigler Printing building. The new space offered a parking lot, loading dock, and three times the space of the current store. As the remodeling of the space progressed, Wheatsfield was able to include a fresh Meat Department, a Deli, a Bakery and a larger seating area, all new additions to the products available at the Co-op. Renovations were completed and the new store was opened on March 18, 2009.

In April 2014, the Wheatsfield Board approved moving forward with a proposed expansion project. The project was completed in January of 2017 and increased the total square footage of the Co-op to 15,500 by adding the 5,500 square feet of vacant space east of the current store. The project added a teaching kitchen, a full-service meat and seafood counter, two additional register lanes, patio seating, and increased the size of the Deli and Bakery Departments. In addition, the parking lot was expanded to include more spaces, address traffic flow safety concerns and add a truck pull-through.