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Raised in July 2018 for The Community Academy
Raised in August for Legal Aid Society
Raised in September for the Ames High School Garden
Raised 2013-2018 as part of our Register Donation Programs

October Change for Community Recipient: KHOI Radio

KHOICommunity Radio, 89.1FM, is your very own local noncommercial radio. Since 2012, it has been built and run by area volunteers. Thousands of Iowans have brought their voices, talents, projects and passions to the air. Located in the old Ames Pantorium in downtown Ames, KHOI’s studio doors are open, so you can walk in and make your concerns and ideas heard on the air. In the storefront, you can also watch local musicians, while they perform on the air – or do so yourself!

On KHOI, you hear talk radio, news, and all kinds of music. It is true alternative media for hearing, enjoying, and understanding community: people, places, plants, animals and the landscape. KHOI also airs nationally syndicated grassroots programs and news from other communities, distributed by Pacifica Network.

Independent community radio is an international media movement that embodies the human impulse to communicate and facilitates a participatory citizenship. Stations like KHOI are precious, but they are also fragile, since they rely entirely on donations for their financial existence.

Tune your radio dial to 89.1 FM or at, you can listen to the live stream or listen on demand from our online archives.

On July 1, 2018 our Co-op Nickel program was replaced by “Change for Community.” Instead of being asked to donate your bag refunds you will have the option to round-up to the nearest dollar and donate that change to the monthly Change for Community recipient. Many co-ops around the country have moved their donation program to this structure and they are raising a substantial amount of money for their local organizations!

Please let us know what non-profits you would like to see featured! 

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