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March 2021 Board Meeting Highlights

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MARCH 2021 BOARD MEETING HIGHLIGHTS 1. The Board finalized a vision statement for Wheatsfield Co-op, which is nested among the Mission and Core Values. The Vision reads: “Everyone’s favorite place to shop, learn, and connect.” This action completes the Board’s 2020-2021 update of the Mission, Vision, and Core Values. 2. Wheatsfield’s financials are strong, [...]

November 2020 Board Meeting Highlights

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Highlights from the November 2020 Board of Directors Meeting. 1. The board reviewed sales and financials for September and October. Sales in both months were strong, with rolling year-to-date sales ahead of FY2019 by 22.59%. Thank you members and shoppers, for your support! 2. The board revised and updated Wheatsfield Cooperative's Core Values statements, [...]

Are you willing to run for a seat on the Board of Directors?

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By Liz Kolbe, Board Member I lost my bid for student council representative from Mrs. Hollibaugh’s homeroom in the sixth grade. Years later I was not elected Homecoming Queen. In graduate school I was not chosen as the winner of the chili cook-off, placing third to a chili with no beans, no tomatoes, and [...]

May 2020 Board Highlights

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Highlights from the Board of Directors meeting held on May 20th, 2020. 1.  The Wheatsfield Board held its second virtual board meeting via Zoom on Wednesday, May 20 due to the pandemic.  It went well and we are getting the hang of not meeting in person. 2.  The transition of payroll processing to a [...]

Decide Once

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Quarter Two Board Report Liz Kolbe, Board Member & Treasurer I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions. Birthday resolutions are slightly more my style (I did a few weeks of push-ups the summer I turned 30...). But that doesn't mean I've never made a resolution that lasted. Just that the most successful resolutions I've [...]

Ten Words for Ten Years

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2019 Quarter 1 Board Report By Megan Myers, Board Member March 18, 2009 marks Wheatsfield’s move to its current 413 Northwestern Avenue location. As Wheatsfield approaches the tenth year since its expansion and relocation, this decade-long anniversary serves as an ample time to reflect on what Wheatsfield means to the community. At recent $5 [...]

January Board Meeting Highlights

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1. Year-to-date sales were 6.5% below the previous year, but actual sales remain above budgeted sales. 2. Sales to members in December 2018 were 80.5%; the highest ever percent of total sales to members. Thank you for your support! 3. The board set the meeting schedule for 2019, and reviewed dates the board and education [...]

August 2018 Board Meeting Highlights

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The Board approved a slate of three candidates for the upcoming Wheatsfield Board of Directors election. There will  not be a contested election this year and members-owners attending the Annual Meeting of the Members on October 17 will be asked to accept the slate of candidates approved by the Board. The Annual Meeting of the [...]

May Board Highlights

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Highlights from the May 2018 Board of Directors Meeting. 1. Applications for the Wheatsfield board of directors election will be accepted beginning on August 1, with the application window closing on August 27. Stay tuned for more information! 2. The truckload sale will be held June 15-16, and with a new format! Instead of hosting [...]

Board Meeting Highlights, February 21

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1. Thank you to the 645 shoppers who completed the Member-Shopper Survey! We were glad to see many positive comments, and are eager to get to work on the opportunities that were presented. 2. January sales showed growth over 2017, with more customers in the store and larger basket sizes (purchases per shopper). 3. Wheatsfield [...]

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