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Sustainable Agriculture Colloquium

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January 2019 Produce Parable By Adam Calder The Iowa State University Sustainable Agriculture graduate program recently reached out to me to see if I was interested in discussing my role in procuring local food for the Ames and Iowa community. I eagerly agreed to be part of a panel discussion on local food procurement and [...]

Local Producer Profile: Ancient Energy Amaranth Granola

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An interview with Ashley Fahey, Owner & Founder of Ancient Energy WHY "ANCIENT ENERGY?" A: Based in Des Moines, IA, Ancient Energy Amaranth Granola was started by Ashley Fahey after being introduced to Amaranth during a yoga retreat in Mexico. The word “Ancient” is a reference to the historical importance of our granola’s primary [...]

Healthy New Year, Healthy New You!

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Stop into the Co-op Saturday, January 12 from 11am-3pm for healthy samples to fit your new year's resolution goals. Visit with local producers, get a free massage, meet with a dietitian from Ames Fitness Center, and more! Co-op Health Tours! No RSVP Necessary Noon, 1pm & 2pm 11am-3pm:  Dietitian, Ames Racquet and Fitness Center Ancient Energy [...]

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