January 2022 Produce Parable

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New Seed Savers 2022 Adam Calder Wheatsfield Produce Manager In spite of the cold weather, the produce department has brought in another great selection of heirloom seeds produced right here in Iowa. Every year Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, IA, releases a catalog of what seeds they have available for sale. Each year they [...]

Green Smoothie with Flax

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Green Smoothie with Flax By: Co+op, welcome to the table Total Time: 10 minutes Servings: 2 ... With the beginning of a new year, it’s a good time to reset with light, detox-friendly foods. This easy smoothie is just the ticket, providing a sippable, nutrient-packed drink to help you feel a little [...]

Week of Jan 24 – Jan 30

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Monday, Jan 24 Lasagna Florentine vgt Garlic Cheese Brd vgt Roasted Chicken ng Roasted Yams vgn ng Tuesday, Jan 25 Grn Curry Chicken ng Grn Curry Tofu vgn ng Rice vgn ng Rstd Veggies vgn ng Wednesday, Jan 26 Ratatouille vgn ng Cheese Polenta vgt Roasted Chicken ng Veg of the Day vgn ng Thursday, Jan [...]

Week of Jan 17 – Jan 23

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Monday, Jan 17 Southwest Mac vgt Vegan Mac vgn Roasted Chicken ng Veg of the Day vgn ng Tuesday, Jan 18 Tuna Noodle Supreme Garlic Cheese Brd vgt Vegan Mac vgn Roasted Yams vgn ng Veg of the Day vgn ng Wednesday, Jan 19 Chicken Enchilada Yellow Rice vgn ng Red Veg Curry vgn ng [...]

January & February Artist: Tricia Bowers

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Tricia Bowers Artist Statement As a person and an artist I value beauty above all, and color is by far my favorite quality of reality and the universe.  As a painter I am free to explore and experiment with color, using different and fun techniques to share my beauty.  I make mostly abstract art, [...]

January Change for Community, Iowa Wildlife Center

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The Iowa Wildlife Center Change for Community Recipient, January 2022 The Iowa Wildlife Center provides professional wildlife rescue, medical treatment and rehabilitation of native wildlife in central Iowa; teaches about wildlife and habitat stewardship; and provides wildlife assistance skills training. Most dogs and cats have responsible owners who provide safe homes, veterinarians who watch [...]


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