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January & February Artist: Lisa Kuehl

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Ames resident and featured artist Lisa K. Kuehl is a 1982 graduate of Iowa State University. Lisa earned her B.A. in Graphic Design, but pursued the professional aviation field shortly after graduating. Throughout her days as an art student, Lisa created many works of design and, over the years, saved a great many of [...]

Healthy New Year, Healthy New You!

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Stop into the Co-op Saturday, January 11 from 11am-3pm for healthy samples to fit your new year's resolution goals. Visit with local producers, get a free massage, win giveaways, and more! Taste a rainbow of healthy samples around the Co-op. 11am-3pm:  Wellness Smoothies Samples Healthy Kale Pesto Sample Co-op Made Detox Juice Samples Hotbar [...]

December Produce Parable

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Opal Apple By Adam Calder In 1999, botanists at the Institute of Experimental Botany in Prague crossed a Topaz Apple with a Golden Delicious Apple, and the resulting apple variety became known as the Opal Apple. The Opal Apple has naturally occurring low levels of polyphenol oxidase, which means the cut surface of the [...]

A Word from the Board

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Megan Myers, Wheatsfield Board of Directors In this season of thanksgiving, it’s appropriate to reflect on some of the ways that your local co-op, Wheatsfield, thanks you as part of its growing community of member-owners. The holiday season, though, is also about reciprocity and it is also helpful to think about the ways that [...]

November Board Meeting Highlights

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1.  Wheatsfield's Annual Meeting of the Members on Oct. 22 at Torrent Brewery was a success, with 95 attendees enjoying beers, a grazing table, and a valuable discussion about the state of the co-op. James Nisly was recognized as Producer of the Year and Becky Ringsby as Member of the Year. The membership approved [...]

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