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March 2023 Word from the Board

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Springing Forward Emilie Ruehs, Board Member As we enter the coming months, we welcome a period of growth, change, and longer days ahead while also reflecting on the events in history that have brought us to where we are today. With the celebration of both a Co-op anniversary and Women’s History Month, I want [...]

February 2023 Word From the Board

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Reawakening Sarah S. Davis, Board Secretary February 3, 2023 Winter is when we can watch a blanket of snow cover the ground as the living earth rests below and prepares for a warm reawakening. This process is more than a metaphor for us and our Co-op: We have been hunkering down through the long [...]

August 2022 Word from the Board

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Summer Reflections Ron Eichmeier, Wheatsfield Board Member Summer greetings to all of you from your Wheatsfield Board. As hard as it is to believe, July just turned into August on our calendars! I hope the summer has been a good one for all of you so far, and remember there is still time to [...]

July 2022 Word from the Board

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Student Board Member Derek Franklin I first heard of Wheatsfield three years ago, when I told my advisor where my partner and I would be living in Ames. “Oh, you’ll be really close to Wheatsfield,” he told us. “You really need to check that place out.” So, it was one of the first places [...]

April 2021, Word From the Board

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Casey Szymanski Board of Directors Spring Has Finally Arrived, and here at Wheatsfield we are anticipating more local produce and the celebration of Earth Day next week! Did you know environmental responsibility is one of our co-op’s core values? And more than just a day-long celebration, our store embodies a commitment to sustainability throughout [...]

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