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May 2024 Change for Community: Central Iowa Pet Food Pantry

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Bailing Out Benji - Central Iowa Pet Food Pantry Bailing Out Benji is committed to keeping pets with their families and out of the animal sheltering system. We believe that you can’t help animals without helping their people too. Not having access to pet food and supplies does not mean that someone isn’t deserving [...]

Salama Seedlings

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April 2024 Produce Parable Salama Seedlings By Adam Calder, Produce Manager A few months ago, we were saddened to hear that Lonna from Onion Creek Farm was retiring from growing seedlings. Even though seedlings are small, this absence created a huge hole in the projected sales numbers for the produce department. It was no [...]

April 2024 Board Meeting Highlights

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Here are highlights from the April 2024 Wheatsfield Board of Directors meeting: The March Mini-Member Drive brought 59 new equity members and 11 new student discount program participants, bringing the total number of co-op members to 7,372. March sales were another record-setter, at 3.79% over March 2023. The Board reviewed guidance from the [...]

Produce Storage Without the Plastic

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Helpful Tips for Extending the Life of Your Produce • Make sure not to mix fruits & veggies Fruits emit ethylene as they ripen; pairing them with veggies will result in premature spoilage. • Keep produce cool Low temps slow the rate of respiration, which in turn keeps the [...]

Earth Day Bulk Sale! Apr 18-20

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Earth Day Bulk Sale, April 18 - April 20 Get ready to stock up and save! Stock your pantry with all your favorite bulk staples and save 15%! Stock up on beans, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, grains, granolas, chocolates, candy, coffees, teas, herbs and spices, bulk body care, bulk cleaning supplies and more! Save [...]

April 2024 Word from the Board

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April 2024 - Word from the Board Sarah Davis, Board Secretary Love your Mother Earth! Wheatsfield Co-op members know that April is Earth Month. This year, we can also celebrate Earth's relationship with the Sun by witnessing a Total Solar Eclipse. What a great event to marvel at the wonders of our world and [...]

April 2024 Change for Community: Friends of Ledges State Park

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The Friends of the Ledges State Park is a 501 (c)(3) dedicated to supporting the park for public appreciation and enjoyment. Volunteers from Friends of the Ledges [FOL] help park staff maintain trails, manage invasive species, and improve infrastructure and services for tens of thousands of annual visitors. In 2024 FOL will honor the [...]

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