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November & December Artist: Kyle Renell

kyle renell

Kyle Renell: Artist Statement

My work concentrates on the interconnectedness and the human condition. This group of drawings includes studies for A Journey of Life, a major work in progress scheduled to premiere in 2020 at Morning Bell Coffee Roastery in Downtown Ames; character development studies; and water studies. The media used varies, and includes graphite powder and pencils, colored pencils, and pastel.

Each framed drawing is $250 (tax included)

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September & October Artist: Tricia Bowers

As a person and an artist I value beauty above all, and color is by far my favorite quality of reality and the universe.  As a painter I am free to explore and experiment with color, using different and fun techniques to share my beauty.  I make mostly abstract art, focusing on the moment of creation, on the passion of feeling inspired and the intense eruption of color that my hands are able to bring into the world and onto a canvas.

I use acrylic paint and food coloring for my art, utilizing spray bottles and the swift motion of flinging color.  I paint on canvas, as well as on pavement and the outside world.  While the act of painting for me is often very quick and messy, the results come together in a way that is beautiful and surprising, and in the end incredibly fun.

learn more about Tricia here.

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Display Your Artwork at the Co-op

If you are interested in displaying your artwork please contact Melissa Lanphere, Marketing Manager, by email, phone or stopping into the Co-op. Please fill out the form linked below to have your artwork considered for display.

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