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May & June Artist: Eric McCabe

Eric McCabeEric McCabeEric McCabe

The point of Zen art, for both the artist and the observer, is finding inner stillness, awe, and appreciation – not of the calligraphy as much as for life itself.  The Chinese characters may not have any meaning to you until you read the translation.  Zen Art, however, is not about the meaning of the words but the spirit underlying them.  The lines flow like water, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes stopping.  There is awareness of the space between the lines.  “Nothing” – the space between lines – is present, too.  “Nothing” or “Boundlessness” is what ties us together.  It is both the space between objects and the space within us.  Boundlessness is not an object but a characteristic of all things.  When we look carefully at anything we can see it is connected to everything else, and therefore has no boundary.

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