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March – April Artist on Display: Kelsey Wilson

Foreign and Cultivated | Kelsey Wilson

MARCH – APRIL 2024 | Artist on Display
Humans and plants have a storied and complex relationship. We depend on each other to survive. The botanical paintings in this room represent plants that are decorative, edible, or invasive. Getting to these plants better through observation and by pondering their prevalence tells us almost more about humans than the plants themselves.
As an artist, I find it deeply satisfying to closely observe their unique textures and colors. I like to think of these paintings as plant portraits rather than an idealized version of the species. Imperfections are welcome. Scuffs, wrinkles, and insect damage tell the plant’s life story.
Why paint invasive plants? These plants were introduced to our landscape, whether intentionally to solve a problem or by chance as people move through the world. As an artist focusing on plants, I’ve deliberately chosen to portray invasive species to gain and share understanding.
I find that while invasive plants are a nuisance and cause innumerable problems, they can be beautiful. In fact, they harbor no ill will at all. They are just trying to survive, and they are very good at it. I hope that by giving them more attention, we can help Iowan’s recognize these plants and work to restore our natural ecosystems. With our help, we can repair the reputation of these plants rather than thinking of them as enemies.
Learn more about Iowa’s Invasive plants: Lost in the Weeds | Kelsey Wilson Studio
Support this project and receive a booklet: Contribute to Lost in the Weeds
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