Board Candidate Statements

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Jeff Kushkowski Statement of Candidacy Why do you want to serve on the Wheatsfield Board of Directors? One of my early childhood memories is collecting eggs on my grandfather’s chicken farm (I hated reaching under the chickens!). The nearby co-op provided a market for his eggs. Last year I volunteered to be a member [...]

October Change for Community Recipient: ACCESS

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OCTOBER CHANGE FOR COMMUNITY Recipient: ACCESS Assault Care Center Their fundraising campaign, called Frame Our Future, is to replace and repair windows and a sliding-glass door that were incorrectly installed, causing rot and other damage to our emergency shelter. The damage became apparent during an inspection. The fundraising campaign will help to not only [...]

September Produce Parable – J&B Chestnut Farm Update

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September 2019 Produce Parable By Adam Calder The wet spring we had in Iowa this year is still causing problems even as we enter into the fall months. I recently received a letter from John Wittrig, the owner of J&B's Chestnut Farm in Winfield, IA, and the news was not good: "Dear Friends, early [...]

2019 Annual Meeting of the Members

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2019 ANNUAL MEETING OF THE MEMBERS Tuesday, October 22 | 5:30-8pm Torrent Brewing Company Free Event - Cash Bar Join us for the Annual Meeting of the Members! Enjoy meeting with other member-owners, friends, and neighbors, graze the appetizer table provided by Wheatsfield, enjoy Torrent's selection of craft beverages, and learn about the year [...]

The Power of Many, A Word From the Board

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Ron Eichmeier Board Treasurer Where did the Summer go? As you read this, we’re just past the Labor Day holiday, and will soon be enjoying a wonderful Autumn in Iowa. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to take some time to enjoy the weather, scenery, and all that Iowa has to offer [...]

September & October Artist: Tricia Bowers

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As a person and an artist I value beauty above all, and color is by far my favorite quality of reality and the universe.  As a painter I am free to explore and experiment with color, using different and fun techniques to share my beauty.  I make mostly abstract art, focusing on the moment [...]

Using Debit or Credit? Is there a difference?

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Does it make a difference if I use my credit card or debit card to pay at the checkout counter? This is a question many have asked and the simplified answer is yes, the least costly method of payment for Wheatsfield is always cash and then check; however if you choose to use a [...]

September Change For Community Recipient: Friends of Ames High Prairie

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Pohl Prairie, commonly referred to as the Ames high Prairie, is a 22-acre native prairie remnant west of Ames High School. Named after Dr. Richard W. Pohl, Distinguished Professor of Botany at ISU, it serves as an outdoor learning laboratory for ISU and Ames High School students. It is owned by the Ames Community [...]

August 2019 Produce Parable

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By Adam Calder Usually around this time of the season we have an abundance of local produce available at Wheatsfield Cooperative, and this year is no exception! The local cantaloupe melons have been selling by the bin-full, and rightly so!  They are juicy, ripe, and emit an enchanting musk that lures you in with [...]

Board Member Article

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The Wheatsfield Community Adin Mann Wheatsfield Board Member This summer, as Wheatsfield continues to struggle with the increasing competitive market place, I have been reminded of the community that is Wheatsfield. While each fall we have an influx of students and new faculty to Ames, the summer is unique with many short-term visitors. The [...]

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