Managing Your Soil Micro-Livestock for Better Crop and Garden Production

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Managing your Soil Micro-Livestock for Better Crop and Garden Production The rich, dark color of Iowa’s loess soils—not to mention its productivity—was created by the work of countless soil microbes over the millennia. While society is starting to question the sustainability of tillage and industrial chemical application, there is still uncertainty as to what, [...]

May & June Artist: Sudhanva Kashyap

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Sudhanva Kashyap Artist Statement I am a landscape photographer based in Ames, IA. My journey started in 2016 when I bought a DSLR to capture our road trip across California. As a researcher at ISU, my days are fast paced and chaotic. The whole world slows down when I am outdoors, in nature, with [...]

May 2022 Change for Community: NAMI of Central Iowa

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NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Central Iowa supports, educates and advocates for individuals living with mental illness and their family members at no charge to the participants. This non-profit 501(c)3 organization has expanded to serve Ames, ISU students, and residents throughout 14 central Iowa counties through their educational classes, support groups, public presentations [...]

April 2022 Board Meeting Highlights

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April Highlights from the Board: The Earth Day Bulk Sale is happening from Thursday through Saturday, April 21-23. Coffee with the Board /Plant a Seed Event is Saturday, April 23 from 10am-2pm. Store sales and customer counts continue to be strong each month. We appreciate the loyal support of our shoppers. The May Wheatsfield [...]

April 2022 Word from the Board

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Spring is here! April 2022 Word from the Board Cal Rebhuhn, Wheatsfield Board of Directors Spring is here! April snow notwithstanding, this is an exciting time of the year, when green things start popping and long-laid Winter plans can finally get underway in the garden. I can say from my experience that once the [...]


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