Starting Solids: Purees and Baby-Led Weaning

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Starting Solids: Purees and Baby-Led Weaning Preparing your baby to start solid foods, or in the midst of it and struggling with baby eating enough or eating the right things? Not sure if you want to try traditional weaning or baby-led weaning? Register for this intro to starting solids class with a registered [...]

2023 Annual Meeting of the Members

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ANNUAL MEETING OF THE MEMBERS October 17, 5:30-8PM, Torrent Brewing Co. We look forward to seeing you, sharing the latest from the co-op, and hearing your questions and feedback. As a member-owned cooperative, your participation in our governance is important, and we welcome you to join us for this year’s annual meeting. ------------------ This [...]

The Art of Zen

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The Art of Zen Join Zen practitioner, Daishin McCabe for guided meditation, Zen calligraphy demonstration, and a walking tour of his art on display. Daishin's art is on display through the month of November at the co-op. Instructor Eric Daishin McCabe was first inspired to write Zen Calligraphy when he saw a demonstration [...]

September Member Appreciation Day!

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Stop into YOUR Co-op on Saturday, September 16 from 10am-2pm to celebrate YOU! We're kicking off the day with a giveaway! Giveaway: 100+ Mini Succulent Candles! Starting at 10am. We want to thank you with a gift of warmth and light to remember the summer season and look forward to fall! 1 per [...]

August 2023 Board Meeting Highlights

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Here are highlights from the August 2023 Wheatsfield Board of Directors meeting: Board members received an update on Wheatsfield’s Cybersecurity Coverage from Andrew Ricklefs of Knapp Tedesco Insurance and had an opportunity to address any security questions or concerns. The slate of candidates for the upcoming Wheatsfield Board election was approved and the student [...]

Sept & Oct Artist: Daishin McCabe

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September - October Artist on Display Daishin McCabe Eric Daishin McCabe was first inspired to write Zen Calligraphy when he saw a demonstration by a Japanese Rinzai Zen Master, Fukushima Keido Roshi, at Bucknell University in 1993. His first teacher of calligraphy is Mariko Tachihara, a Japanese teacher of English, whom he met [...]

Celebrating Local Foods: Sept 2023 Word from the Board

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Celebrating Local Foods Liz Kolbe, Wheatsfield Board President It’s Tomato Season! And melon season, pepper season… somehow still cucumber season, just leaving sweet corn season and we’re almost to leafy greens again, soon to be apples and winter squash. For those of us who ride the waves of seasonal produce, we’re on an acidic, [...]

Sept 2023 Change for Community: MICA Food Bank

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Mid-Iowa Community ACTION - Food Pantry Round up at the registers this September in support of the MICA's Food Pantry! MICA’s food pantry has expanded their offerings to the community - not only do they offer their Ames food pantry, but they also now deliver to families in need who are unable to leave their [...]


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