The Board of Directors ensures the needs to Member-Owners are being met. The directors work as a team to set policy, hire and evaluate the General Manager, maintain the fiduciary responsibility of the Co-op and represent the membership as it creates the vision that guides the Co-op into the future. Each director serves a three year term, with three seats up for election every fall.

Liz Kolbe
Board President

Occupation: Horticulture Coordinator, Practical Farmers of Iowa

Board Member Since: 2014

Committees: Chair of the Education and Outreach Committee

Why I Serve: I believe cooperatives like Wheatsfield are vital to economical and community development around local food and agricultural systems. We are lucky to have such a great resource (for food and information!) in Ames.

Favorite Products: Rosmann Family Farms popcorn, Lee’s Greens greens, Kalona SuperNatural sour cream, Jeni’s Ice Cream

Kevin Stow
Board Vice President

Occupation: AVP, HR for the Iowa State University Foundation

Board Member Since: 2018

Why I Serve:  I hope to be a part of ensuring the sustainability of the co-op in a competitive market.

Favorite Products: Better Half dairy free coconut cream and almond milk creamer, fresh golden beets, frozen non-dairy ice cream selection, frozen waffle selection, among many other items.

Rachel Dakarian
Board Secretary

Occupation: Research Analyst, American Civil Liberties Union Foundation

Board Member Since: 2021 (former director & past president 2012-2017)

Why I Serve: I server on the board to support our co-op during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The benefits of the 2014 expansion project are more apparent now than ever before. I am invested in the continued success of Wheatsfield and believe we must look ahead to prepare our store for future challenges. The board works to ensure that Wheatsfield will be a thriving community resource for many years to come.

Favorite Products: Lemon bars and fresh-baked bread from our bakery, local tomatoes, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, and I can’t resist when Armenian Lentil Soup is on the hot bar!

How to Apply

Read and complete the application packet:
• Pick up an application at the registers, or
• Download Board Member application here.
• Download Student Board Member application here.

Submit application to Linda Johnson, General Manager, via email or in person, by Monday, August 23, 2021, 11:59pm.


Articles of Incorporation

Ron Eichmeier
Board Treasurer

Occupation: Regional Vice President – Farm Credit Services of America

Board Member Since: 2017

Why I Serve: I grew up on a farm and have worked in the ag sector all my life. My passion is agriculture, and strengthening the connection between those that produce the product and those that consume it.

Favorite Products: Brown Cow Yogurt, freshly ground pork sausage, and summer fruit selections

Stefan Gailans

Occupation: Research & Field Crops Director, Practical Farmers of Iowa

Board Member Since: 2011 (former president 2018-2020)

Committees: member of Education & Outreach Committee and General Manager Evaluation Committee

Why I Serve: I serve to give back to one of my favorite places in Ames. A place that provides sound and responsibly-sourced food options and a sense of community for local residents.

Favorite Products: bulk items (peanut butter!) and sugar-free bread options

Megan Myers

Megan Myers

Occupation: Assistant Professor of Spanish at Iowa State

Board Member Since: 2018

Why I Serve:  On a broad scale, I’m drawn to Wheatsfield’s community focus and its educational platform. As a Mom, I especially appreciate the numerous events geared toward kids throughout the year and the welcoming and inclusive store culture.

Favorite Products: Agri-Cultured Cowboy Kimchi, Early Grey Shortbread, Pasta e Fagioli

Jeff Kushkowski

Occupation: Professor, University Library, Iowa State University

Board Member Since: 2019

Why I Serve: Wheatsfield’s success is due to the dedication of staff, volunteers, and members who support the store. I want to be a part of that continued success by serving as a Board Member to support Wheatsfield’s mission to provide local and sustainable food to the community.

Favorite Products: House-Made Blueberry & Maple Bratwurst, Kalona Sour Cream, Prairie Breeze Cheese, and more!

Casey Szymanski

Occupation: I’m passionate about supporting food and social justice in Iowa through my work as a food security program coordinator and community mediator.

Board Member Since: 2020 (previous 2015-2018, treasurer 2016-2018)

Why I Serve: I’m honored to serve on the Wheatsfield board so I can further support our Co-op’s integral role in continuing to make nutritious food accessible, uplift community-driven ideas, and create a more just, vibrant, local economy.

Favorite Products: It’s hard to choose favorites, but a few are local Milton Creamery cheese curds, Co-op made current cardamon bread, local produce, and anything from the juice/smoothie bar.

Sarah S. Davis

Occupation: Associate Teaching Professor, Dept. of English, Iowa State University

Board Member Since: 2021

Why I Serve: The Co-op is a hub of our community. Being an active member-owner and board member is a great way to invest in strengthening our community bonds and building a future guided by cooperative principles.

Favorite Products: Co-op Made Italian sausage, Grace’s Sunflower Cookies, and Co-op Bakery Ciabatta buns.