Walk in Like You Own the Place. Join 6,062 of Your Neighbors in Member-Ownership! 


Student Memberships

student membership

Do you want to join the Co-op, but you’re on a student budget? Sign-up for a student membership today!

What’s the difference between a student member and a Co-op Member-Owner?

  • $20 yearly fee vs a one-time refundable $100 fee
  • Student memberships apply to the individual member not the whole household
  • Student memberships expire one year from the date of purchase. 
  • Student membership card must be present at every purchase

Student Members receive the following Co-op Member-Owner benefits: 

  • Quarterly Discounts: Save 10-20% during Mar, Jun, Sept and Dec. Stock up to save!
  • Wellness Discounts: Save 20% on one body care and supplement shopping trip during Jan, Feb, April, May, July, Aug, Oct and Nov.
  • Case Discounts: Save 10% on most case preorders.
  • Member-Owner Extra Sales: Enjoy everyday savings just for member-owners.
  • 20% off Sales Days: Save 20% on special sale days like our Bulk Sale and Local Sale.
  • Class Discounts: Enjoy a reduced fee to attend our popular cooking and health classes.
Member-Owner Application
Member-Owner Withdrawal Form

How to Join

Since 1974, Wheatsfield has been cooperatively owned by individuals in the community. The cost of a member share has been the same price since the inception of the “share investment plan” in the mid 1980s!

  • Membership is a one-time, fully refundable, purchase of $100.
  • You can pay all at once or make $10 payments for 10 months.

Member-Owner Benefits

1. Quarterly Member-Owner Appreciation Discounts
Four times a year – March, June, September and December – member-owners save 10-20% off regularly priced items in one shopping trip depending on how much you spend.

2. Opportunity to Vote on Important Co-op Issues and in the Board of Directors Election
As a member-owner, you are represented by fellow member-owners who serve on the Board of Directors and oversee the direction of the Co-op. Each year you have the opportunity to run for the Board if you choose and vote in contested elections. From time-to-time other voting opportunities will arise.

3. New Member Deals When You Join
Once you join you will receive a sheet of high value coupons only for new member-owners. You will also receive a reusable co-op bag filled with a few other goodies. Welcome to the Co-op!

4. Bi-weekly Member-Owner Extras
Additional extra sales just for member-owners!

5. Patronage Dividends During Profitable Years at the Discretion of the Board of Directors
Money back for shopping? During profitable years, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, you will receive some of the stores profits back to you in the form of a patronage dividend.

6. 10% Discount on Preordered Cases
Preorder your favorite items by the case and save 10% off the shelf price on regular priced items. You can even order online!

7. Discounts on Ads and Classifieds in the Field Journal
Own a local business or trying to sell something? Advertise with us in the Field Journal and reach 6000+. We offer reduced rates to member-owners and businesses owned by our member-owners.

8. The Field Journal Mailed to Your Home
Or you can elect to pick it up in the store or read it online.

9. 20% off During Special Sale Days
About once a month we host special sale days, like the Local Food Sale in July (where all of our local products are on sale), or the ever-popular Incredible Bulk Sale held twice a year (where 400+ bulk items are on sale). As a member you save 20% on these promoted items not already on sale, non-members save 10%.

10. Wellness Whenever Discounts
Member-Owners save 20% on regularly priced supplements and body care on the day of their choice eight times a year- January, February, April, May, July, August, October and November.

11. Discounts on Classes
As a member-owner you receive a discounted rate on co-op classes.

Member-Owner Application
Member-Owner Withdrawal Form

Upcoming Events

  1. Holiday Wine and Cheese Tasting

    Holiday Wine & Cheese Tasting

    December 14 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  2. Kringla – A Scandinavian Treat

    December 17 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  3. Double Deal Tuesday

    December 18
  4. Holiday Wine and Cheese Tasting

    Holiday Wine & Cheese Tasting

    December 21 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm