Sale Flyers, Coupons & Preorders

Sales Flyers, Coupons & Preorders2024-05-30T11:50:45-05:00

Shop Double Deal Tuesdays!
Every other Tuesday* the current Co+op Deals and Member-Owner Extra sale flyers overlap with the upcoming flyers. Shop your Co-op this day for double the deals! *(occassionally we have three week sales cycles)

Member-Owner Coupons

Member-owners and student discount receive different discount coupons throughout the year.
Save off regular prices.

8 times a year! Save 15% on one supplement/body care shopping trip during designated months. You pick the day.

January, February, April, May, July, August, October & November

Save 5-15% on one shopping trip during the months of March, June, Sept, and Dec.

Save 5% : Spend $49.99 or less
Save 10% :  Spend $50-$149.99
Save 15% : Spend $150 or more

March, June, September, December

Other ways to save at YOUR Co-op

Co+op Basics

Everyone Saves
Deeply discounted everyday savings on the products you buy most.

Case Preorders

Everyone can order a case of a product, but member-owners save 10% on regularly priced case preorders everyday! You can order anything we can order, not just what we stock!

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