Now Taking Turkey Preorders!

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Fresh, Free-Range, Antibiotic-Free Turkeys

Ferndale Market, Cannon Falls, Minnesota

$2.99 LB

About your regional turkey producer: Since 1939, this third generation family farm Ferndale Market has been growing free-range antibiotic-free turkeys in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Named after Fern and Dale, who started the operation in 1939. If you visit the on-farm store during the summer, you’re likely to see turkeys outside, happily spending their days “on the range.”  Just over the border in Minnesota, the farm is only 199 miles from Ames.

Fresh turkeys will available for pickup at 8am on Monday, November 20.

We will have frozen options before then. Preorder to guarantee size availability. Fresh turkeys will also be available for sale off the shelf.

Order by calling the store (515-232-4094) or talk with a cashier on your next visit. A $20 deposit is required for all turkey preorders, $10 deposit for frozen turkey breast. We will not have online ordering available this season.

  • 10-12 LBS
  • 12-14 LBS
  • 14-16 LBS
  • 16-18 LBS
  • 18-20 LBS SOLD OUT!
  • 20-22 LBS
  • 22-24 LBS
  • Turkey Breast (frozen), 5-7 LBS, $3.99 LB

A general rule of thumb is 1.5 pounds per person. However, if you get a bird under 15 pounds, you may need to increase that estimate to 2 pounds a person as smaller birds have a different meat-to-bone ratio.

To Thaw a Turkey in the Refrigerator

Keep the turkey wrapped and place it in a pan. Let it stand in the refrigerator roughly 24 hours for each 5 pounds. Large turkeys should stand in refrigerator a maximum of 5 days. The giblets and neck, which are customarily packed in the neck and body cavities of frozen turkeys, may be removed from the bird near the end of the thawing period. If desired, the giblets and neck may be refrigerated and reserved for use in giblet gravy.

To Thaw a Turkey in Cold Water

Make certain that the turkey is in a leak-proof package or a zipper-seal plastic bag. This prevents bacteria in the surrounding environment from being introduced into the food, and prevents the poultry tissues from absorbing water. Change the cold water every 30 minutes. Approximately 30 minutes per pound of turkey are required for thawing. After thawing in cold water, the turkey should be cooked immediately.

  • Remove the giblets from turkey cavities after thawing. Cook separately.
  • Set oven temperature no lower than 325° F.
  • Place turkey or turkey breast on lower rack in a shallow roasting pan.
  • For even cooking, bake stuffing in a separate casserole dish, versus in the bird. Use a food thermometer to check the internal temperature of the stuffing. The center should reach 165° F.
  • If you choose to stuff your turkey, the ingredients can be prepared ahead of time. Separate wet and dry ingredients, and chill wet ingredients (butter/margarine, cooked celery and onions, broth, etc.) until ready to prepare. Mix wet and dry ingredients together just before filling the turkey cavities. Fill the cavities loosely. Cook the turkey immediately. Use a food thermometer to make sure the center of the stuffing reaches 165° F.
  • Whole turkeys should be cooked to 180° F. To check for doneness, insert a food thermometer in the thickest part of the inner thigh without touching the bone.
  • Turkey breasts should be cooked to 170° F. Insert a food thermometer in the thickest part of the breast to check for doneness.
  • Let the turkey stand for 20 minutes before carving to allow juices to set. The turkey will carve more easily.

325° F Oven Temperature


4–8 lbs 1.5–3.25 hours
8–12 lbs 2.75–3 hours
12–14 lbs 3–3.75 hours
14 –18 lbs 3.75–4.25 hours
18–20 lbs 4.25–4.5 hours
20–24 lbs 4.25–5 hours


6–8 lbs 2.5–3.5 hours
8–12 lbs 3–3.5 hours
12–14 lbs 3.5–4 hours
14–18 lbs 4–4.25 hours
18– 20 lbs 4.25–4.75 hours
20–24 lbs 4.75–5.25 hours

It is safe to cook a turkey from the frozen state. The cooking time will take at least 50 percent longer than recommended for a fully thawed turkey. Remember to remove the giblet packages. Remove carefully with tongs or a fork.