Glazed Marinated Tofu

Presented by Soko Starobin in the Co-op Class “Cooking Tofu with Japanese Umami Ingredients.”

Serves 4

• 2 blocks of firm tofu (about 24 oz)
• ½ c arrowroot powder (add as needed to dust the tofu)
• 3 Tbsp oil (sesame oil for strong flavor, grapeseed oil for mild flavor, etc.)
• 2 Tbsp sesame seeds for garnish

For the marinade and sauce
• 6 Tbsp soy sauce
• 5 Tbsp mirin (sweet cooking Sake)
• 2 Tbsp honey
• 1 tsp fresh ginger juice (squeeze grated ginger)

Cut tofu into ¾ to 1 inch squares and lay them on a towel for 10 minutes to remove excess water. Grate ginger and squeeze juice.

In a large dinner plate, spread arrowroot powder and set aside.

In a baking dish (8×8 inch or larger), mix soy sauce, mirin, honey, and ginger juice to make a marinade mixture. Add tofu pieces in a single layer to marinade for 20 minutes or longer.
Remove the tofu pieces from the baking dish and save the marinade. Dust the tofu pieces in the arrowroot powder to coat them a thin layer and set aside.

Heat 1 ½ tablespoon oil in a heavy skillet over medium-high heat. Add the half of the tofu pieces in a single layer. Cook until light brown on one side, turn over and brown the other side, about 2 minutes on each side. Remove the tofu pieces to a plate and set aside. Repeat the process to cook the other half of the tofu pieces.

In the same skillet, add all tofu pieces and the saved marinade mixture. Cook until most of the liquid has thickened to coat the tofu pieces, stirring occasionally.

Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle the sesame seeds.