Ames Education Foundation

The Ames Education Foundation helps fund educational projects the district is unable to do with their own budget. One of the programs in need is S.O.S. (Support Our Students). This program helps students, who may be from a family that struggles financially, to be prepared with appropriate school supplies in the fall.

The Ames Education Foundation leads the nation in how they administer this school program. A pre-filled backpack full of supplies is not handed out. In this program:

• Students receive a voucher that allows them to shop for their supplies like other students.
• Students learn how to purchase their own supplies.
• Students arrive in class prepared.
• Students have a sense of pride as this program is implemented with respect.
• Students appreciate the opportunity to select their own supplies.

We have designed this program to educate and not to enable. Parents are grateful for this program. One parent said, “Thank you for giving my child a memory, as we were able to shop for school supplies together.”

S.O.S helps students in grades pK-12. We are mindful of how to best help the students. Read more or donate at

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