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2210, 2018

2nd Annual Cheese Fest!

October 22nd, 2018|Categories: Blog|0 Comments

Thursday, November 1 -Saturday, November 3

Cheese Fest, now an annual event, is back for its second year! All three days save 20%* on all cheese! Also, enjoy special cheese-filled goodness from departments around the Co-op. Stay tuned for more details!

Thursday, November 1, 7pm

Class: The Fermented Kitchen Course #4, Non-Dairy Cheeses
Members: $8 | Non-Members $10
rsvp for class

Friday, November 2, 6:30pm

Class: Holiday Entertaining Ideas with Cheese!
Members: $5 | Non-Members $8
rsvp for class

Saturday, November 3, 9:30am

Class: Create Your Own Stunning Cheese Platter! How to and Contest!
Members: $12 | Non-Members $15
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Cheese Sampling Extravaganza, 12-3pm
Enjoy cheesy samples from all around the Co-op plus wine and beer pairings!

*Non-members save 10%, save off regular prices.

1910, 2018

Trick-or-Treat at the Co-op

October 19th, 2018|Categories: Blog|0 Comments

Bring the kiddos for our 3rd annual Trick-or-Treat at the Co-op. Trick-or-treat stations will be set up all around the store. Costumes encouraged!

1810, 2018

Superior Fresh Produce

October 18th, 2018|Categories: Blog|Tags: |0 Comments

By Adam Calder, Produce Manager

We are excited to offer you some new items in the produce department salad case! Superior Fresh is a Wisconsin company that specializes in salad greens, herbs and Atlantic salmon. We have a selection of Superior Fresh spring mix, arugula, baby spinach, baby romaine mix, power greens mix (spinach, mustard, arugula, kale, oak leaf lettuce) and live butterhead lettuce.

The Superior Fresh aquaponics system is a closed ecosystem involving nitriyfying bacteria, fish and plants. The beginning of this system is the fish which are fed a diet void of any hormones or antibiotics. As the fish digest their food and as a result ammonia and solid waste begin to accumulate in the water the fish live in.

These fish wastes are then fed upon by bacteria that break down the waste into nitrates and other nutrients. This water, now full of nutrition in a readily available form for plants to absorb, is pumped into a hydroponic growing system where the roots of the salad greens can absorb the nutrition in the water. The plants grow and thrive in the six acre glass greenhouse that houses the hydroponic setup.

This water, now clean and free of all metabolic waste, is pumped back into the fish tanks to begin the cycle anew. The results are healthy fish, verdant plants, delicious food and clean water. The salads are washed and ready to eat, certified organic and are picked and packed the day they are shipped. They are incredibly fresh and have a great shelf life in your home refrigerator, although these greens are so tasty you likely won’t give them the chance to sit around and expire.

The distribution warehouse that supplies these salads to Wheatsfield has not yet been able to work out the logistics to carry the Superior Fresh Atlantic salmon, but they are working out the details so hopefully in the near future the Wheatsfield Meat Department will be able to offer it for sale.

In the meantime, come check out these new greens in the produce department and take some home for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow. It may be autumn, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy delicious, fresh and nutritious salad greens.

810, 2018

October Bulk Sale!

October 8th, 2018|Categories: Blog|0 Comments

It’s Back! Our most popular sale! Save 20%!!! off over 400 bulk products! Save on nuts, grains, flours, beans, granola, oats, herbs, spices, coffee, honey, cleaning products and more. Also, don’t miss our bulk body care in the Wellness aisles!

Non-members save 10%. Save off regular prices.

210, 2018

Seasonal Produce Update

October 2nd, 2018|Categories: Blog|Tags: |0 Comments

September Produce Parable
By Adam Calder, Produce Manager

The first nip of autumn air was late coming this year, with temperatures into the eighties well into the end of the month. As such, it might seem like all of the great Iowa produce you’ve come to expect in the Wheatsfield Cooperative Produce Department will be around forever. Alas, it cannot be so, and as the seasons turn then so to must the local produce items we stock.

Gone until next year are the flower bouquets bursting with their bright crayon-hued zinnias and beaming golden sunflowers. So too are the slicing tomatoes, and with them they’ve taken all their plump, crimson grandeur. Bid farewell to those delicious assorted gems also known as heirloom tomatoes, which in a good year already have a shorter season of availability but this year were even less available due to poor tomato growing weather.

Not gone, but nearly so, are the aronia berries and red cabbage. We have received our last deliveries of both of these items for the season so what we have in stock is all we have and once they are gone, they are gone until next year.

We still have local organic cucumbers eggplant, cilantro and zucchini. We should have those items in stock through the end of October. We also have plenty of local organic kale and assorted colors of bell peppers which we should be able to carry consistently though the end of November.

The local organic green cabbage should be available through March of 2019, and the local organic red beets will likely be in stock until June of 2019!

The summer produce may be winding down, by the autumnal produce is revving up! We currently have local organic: acorn squash, butternut squash, delicata squash, spaghetti squash, yellow onions and red onions. Our local honeynut squash is as cute as it is delicious.

We’ve also got local decorative gourds and jack-o-lantern pumpkins available a little earlier this year than in prior years. The wet summer produce a crop of some particularly large pumpkins, so this year you can really carve up a masterpiece.

The local apples have begun to appear, with bushels of honeycrisp arriving by the week. We’ve even been able to get our hands on some local Bartlett pears here and there, so stop in often over the next month to check and see if we’ve gotten some more. You don’t want to miss out on an Iowa grown Bartlett pear, as the chance comes but once or twice a year and the taste of these sweet drops of autumn sun is a true experience in simple pleasure.

As the seasons ebb and flow, so to do the varieties of produce we carry at Wheatsfield. Stop by often and ask a produce employee what we have new in local produce, and also please feel free to ask what might be nearing the end of the season. We are a friendly, knowledgeable lot in the produce department and are delighted to share our local produce knowledge with you!

210, 2018

October Member Drive!

October 2nd, 2018|Categories: Blog|0 Comments

Member DriveHelp us reach 200 new member-owners! 

In coordination with National Co-op Month and other food co-ops across the country, we are holding our annual member-owner drive during October! At Wheatsfield, you’re not just a member, you’re an OWNER! Join 6,000+ others in member-ownership!

Not a member-owner?! Did you know that member-ownership is a one-time refundable purchase with some excellent benefits?!

Why join the Co-op? Since 1974 Wheatsfield Co-op has been cooperatively owned by individuals in the community. Today, join more than 5,700+ of your friends and neighbors in owning Wheatsfield Co-op. Although you don’t have to be a member-owner to shop, we think the benefits are outstanding. Receive member-owner coupons and discounts, keep more money in our community and invest in a business that will always be locally-owned. Join us!

Bonus for Joining in October:
Join in October and get a mystery box valued at over $20 filled with goodies from local and national businesses.

How to Join: A one-time $100 purchase. You can pay in $10 installments over 10 months if you choose. If you pay in-full you will be entered to win a $200 gift card! We’ll pick a winner at the end of October. It’s quick and easy to join! Just talk with a cashier. You’re moments away from owning a grocery store!

Current Member-Owners: Sign up for a mystery box! We’ve saved 25 boxes just for current member-owners! Look for a sign-up box near the registers. Enter as many times as you want all month long.

A HUGE thank you to these local businesses that helped fill the mystery boxes:
Alternative Gift Market, Ames Public Library, Ames Racquet and Fitness Center, Barsy’s Almonds, Cado, Cook’s Emporium, Dentistry at Somerset, Early Morning Harvest, Ferndale Market, Greater Iowa Credit Union, Iowa Waste Exchange, Jax Outdoor, Main Street Cultural District, Morning Bell Coffee Roasters, Nova Labs, No Coast, Organic Valley, Peace Coffee, Seed Savers Exchange, Kalona Supernatural, Worldly Goods


2809, 2018

October Change for Community Recipient: KHOI Radio

September 28th, 2018|Categories: Blog, Co-op Nickel|0 Comments

KHOICommunity Radio, 89.1FM, is your very own local noncommercial radio. Since 2012, it has been built and run by area volunteers. Thousands of Iowans have brought their voices, talents, projects and passions to the air. Located in the old Ames Pantorium in downtown Ames, KHOI’s studio doors are open, so you can walk in and make your concerns and ideas heard on the air. In the storefront, you can also watch local musicians, while they perform on the air – or do so yourself!

On KHOI, you hear talk radio, news, and all kinds of music. It is true alternative media for hearing, enjoying, and understanding community: people, places, plants, animals and the landscape. KHOI also airs nationally syndicated grassroots programs and news from other communities, distributed by Pacifica Network.

Independent community radio is an international media movement that embodies the human impulse to communicate and facilitates a participatory citizenship. Stations like KHOI are precious, but they are also fragile, since they rely entirely on donations for their financial existence.

Tune your radio dial to 89.1 FM or at, you can listen to the live stream or listen on demand from our online archives.

On July 1, 2018 our Co-op Nickel program was replaced by “Change for Community.” Instead of being asked to donate your bag refunds you will have the option to round-up to the nearest dollar and donate that change to the monthly Change for Community recipient. Many co-ops around the country have moved their donation program to this structure and they are raising a substantial amount of money for their local organizations!

Please let us know what non-profits you would like to see featured! 

2109, 2018

Plus CBD Oil on Sale!

September 21st, 2018|Categories: Blog|0 Comments

Been thinking about trying CBD oil? Now is a great time! All Plus CBD products are 20% off now through October 2 (not including sample packs).
Plus CBC oil, from CV Sciences, is the top selling CBD oil in natural food stores nationwide. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a promising phytochemical found in agricultural hemp, and has less than .3% THC, so it is non-psychoactive.
CBD has a strong safety profile. Plus CBD oil is a full spectrum product, providing whole plant nutrition. It’s available in capsules, softgels, sprays, and liquid drops. We also have salves that can be applied topically. Plus CBD oil products are tested for purity and quality. Talk to the Wellness staff for more information!
2009, 2018

2018 Annual Meeting of the Members

September 20th, 2018|Categories: Blog|0 Comments

Member-owners, join us for the Annual Meeting of the Members to be held at the Hansen Agriculture Learning Center on Wednesday, October 17 from 5:30-8pm. Enjoy meeting with other member-owners, eating a soup dinner provided by the Co-op and learning about the past year in review at the Co-op.

5:30pm: Drinks (Cash Bar)
6pm: Dinner (Meat and Vegan soup. Gluten-free rolls on request.)
6:45: Business Meeting & Year-in-Review

Free event with Cash Bar.

Please bring your own table setting (plate, bowl, cup, silverware) to help the Co-op reduce costs and trash.

RSVPs required. RSVP using the Eventbrite form below, by calling the store, or with a cashier on your next shopping trip.

Please RSVP by Wednesday, October 10.

1209, 2018

Member Appreciation Celebration

September 12th, 2018|Categories: Blog|0 Comments

member day online

Stop into YOUR Co-op on Saturday, September 29 from 10am-4pm to celebrate YOU! We’re kicking off the day with a BIG giveaway!

Giveaway: 500 Stainless Steel Straws!

Starting at 10am. We want to help you reduce your use of single-use straws! 1 per person. While supplies last.

Vendor Sampling

Iowa Choice Harvest (Marshalltown)
Nordic Naturals
Evan Healy
Morning Bell Coffee Roasters (Ames)
Milton Creamery (Milton)

Raccoon Forks Farm (Redfield)
Milton Creamery (Milton)
Global Wines
Cado Ice Cream (Fairfield)

Jenuinely Pure (Ames)

Agri-cultured (Waukee)
Mistress Brewing (Ankeny)
Heartland Burrito (Iowa City)

Live Music

Coffee House Romance

Max Ames Music Festival Unplugged Showcase
2pm King Wylde
2:45pm Good Morning Midnight
3:30pm Music By Andersen Coates
4:15pm Spincer
5pm Dan Degeest

more details

Kids Activity

Storewide Scavenger Hunt!

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