Mustard Seed Community Farm, Farm to Clinic

Farm to Clinic Program, Primary Health Care, Inc

Primary Health Care, Inc (PHC) is a federally funded health clinic in Ames dedicated to serving the medically insured, uninsured and underinsured with their health care needs. The clinic is located at 3510 West Lincoln Way.

This farm season (May-October), in cooperation with Mustard Seed Farm, PHC is offering Farm to Clinic, where clinic families receive shares of farm produce, including vegetables and fruit, over the duration of the program. Pregnant and nursing women as well as individuals with diabetes and other chronic health conditions are encouraged to enroll. Participating families, at no cost to them, pick up their farm share at the clinic and at the same time receive recipe ideas, nutrition information and can engage in live waiting room demonstrations on how to use the food provided in their box that week.

PHC is grateful to Mustard Seed Farm and to Wheatsfield Co-op for their support and enthusiasm for this project. If you have questions or would like to help support this program, please contact Miguel Biott at [email protected] or Leysan Mubarakshina at [email protected]

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