The more you know…
By Adam Calder, Produce Manager

We have had many staff come and go over the years here at Wheatsfield. Everyone’s time at the co-op is different, yet hopefully all who have worked here have at the very least left with a little more knowledge than they started with.

One of our produce employees, Sara Runyan, recently left the co-op after about six months of working with our produce team. We really enjoyed having her, as she is hard working and has a good sense of humor. She left us with a little bit of wisdom she gained working at the co-op, and I would like to share that with you:

Things I have learned working at the co-op, By Sara Runyan

1. What stone-fruits are.
2. The only thing more gross than cilantro is slimy cilantro.
3. Celery root makes better hash browns than potatoes do.
4. Some people can be pleased with as little as the last bunch of dandelion greens for their pet turtle.
5. Cerci could be pregnant and Euron is bringing back an army.
6. Chickens can’t eat onions.
7. Everyone likes NPR…no one likes country tunes…Thank ya’ll so much for everything! Working with you has been a blast! See ya around!

Thank you Sara, working with you has been a blast too. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you’ll always remember your time here at the co-op and the lessons you learned working with us.