By Adam Calder

Local Shamrock

There is much anticipation brewing in the produce department this time of year. We have endured the cold winter months, and each day brings with it a few more minutes of sun and a couple of degrees of warmth. With those days and degrees inching their way longer and higher, so to do our customer’s desire for local produce.

Right now happens to be perfect weather to grow lettuce, spinach, arugula and kale in a greenhouse, so those greens have been coming in great abundance from Lee’s Greens. These greens cannot take the summer heat of a greenhouse without bolting, so this time of year those greens really stretch out their roots and thrive. This is great news for us, as this time of year the only other place we can get baby greens from is California, and that state has been pounded by a hard-hitting drought and now heavy rains are wreaking havoc on parched, sunbaked fields and causing floods. Thankfully Lee’s Greens keeps us well stocked while they try to sort out the weather issues out west.

Salama Greenhouse brought us some cute little shamrock plants just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Look for some of Salama’s Easter Lilies later this month, and his Lil’ Joey pints of grape tomatoes later in the summer.

We’ve still got a diverse selection of seed packets from Seed Savers. The sales on these have started to tick up ever so slightly, and will continue to do so until next month when seed sales will explode as gardeners realize the spring season is upon us and it is time to get those gardens started.