Fresh artisan loaves of bread are now available for sale! Made daily, from scratch, at the Co-op by our bakers. AND, BONUS POINTS! When possible our bakers are using locally-grown and milled flour from Early Morning Harvest (Panora, Iowa) and local honey from Ebert Honey (Lynnville, Iowa).

Bread is baked fresh and ready warm around noon daily.

Daily Bread: Sourdough

Tangy and hearty with a tasteful whole grain component. Made with local organic flour and 100% naturally leavened with our organic starter.

Daily Bread: Baguette

Classic long shape with fully developed flavor from overnight fermentation. Crusty with a light textured crumb. Made with Kansas milled organic wheat.

Wednesday-Sunday Bread: Multigrain

Based on an all-Iowa grain mash, warm soaked to maximize flavor and nutrition. Rounded out with Early Morning Harvest flours and a rye starter.

Weekend Features & Specialty Breads

Ciabatta, Cranberry Walnut, Sunflower Oat, Olive, Whole Wheat Sourdough

So, who bakes the loaves?

Nate Kemperman does, and the Co-op is lucky to have him! After baking bread at The Café (yes that The Café, and yes that good bread) for seven years (and other midwest bakeries for five prior years), Nate took a hiatus to focus on his other passions and to reset his internal clock from all the early morning bread baking shifts. During that time he helped run Mustard Seed Community Farm, built a farmhouse by hand and played old time music with the Porch Stompers.

Nate joined the Co-op Bakery staff around two years ago with eagerness to bake delicious bread again. Over the last few months he has been tinkering with our kitchen equipment to test the perfect loaf. Now with a new mixer and steam deck oven, Nate is excited to launch Wheatsfield’s bread line. Nate thinks a good loaf of bread is flavorful, versatile and beautiful.