Every day our bakers feed our sourdough starter three times! This starter helps create many of the Co-op’s delicious artisan bread loaves.┬áThe sourdough starter we use was developed 12 years ago by Nate, one of our Co-op Bakers. He’s cared for it ever since by feeding it as needed.

sourdough starter

1. The starter is precisely weighed, extra is discarded.
2. & 3. Water is added and mixed into the starter.
4. & 5. A small amount of flour is added and mixed into the starter.
6. The starter is mixed with the flour until a homogeneous mixture is achieved.
7. The starter is capped and left to rest for 6-10 hours until the next feeding. It will double in size in that time.

Everyday a portion of the starter is used to make the Co-op’s sourdough bread.

The starter is also used to make Sunflower Oat, Cranberry Walnut, Olive, Rye, Multigrain and 7-Grain Levain.