Matar Tofu (Pea and Tofu Curry)

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Presented by Madhu Gadia, MS RD, Author of The Indian Vegan Kitchen and New Indian Home Cooking, in the Co-op Class, "Indian Curries." Matar-paneer is an essential dish in most Indian restaurants, loved by adults and children alike. The traditional version is typically made with yogurt and/or cream, along with paneer (firm cheese). If you [...]

Asian Style Green Beans

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Saltlickers’ co-owner Jennifer Knox creates interesting sea salt based herb and spice blends. She shared a whole host of delicious recipes for the grill at a Wheatsfield Co-op cooking class this summer. Green beans are seasoned with Grilla Gorilla, an earthy chili infused blend that compliments meats as well as it does veggies. Add as [...]

Raw Flourless Chocolate Cake

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If you simply must have a treat, Sheree Clark, Healthy Living Coach who founded Fork in the Road suggests to only eat a small portion as a dessert. Some of us might think that’s easier said than done. By focusing on treats prepared with natural sweeteners like raw honey or dried fruit you can get [...]


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