Summer Reflections

Ron Eichmeier, Wheatsfield Board Member

Summer greetings to all of you from your Wheatsfield Board. As hard as it is to believe, July just turned into August on our calendars! I hope the summer has been a good one for all of you so far, and remember there is still time to enjoy many more summer activities before the leaves start to turn.

One of those activities is the Iowa State Fair. Growing up on the farm, that event was special, because it was our summer vacation. We’d get up early for the two-hour trip to Des Moines, and arrive as the gates opened, so we could find the perfect parking spot. Then it was watching livestock shows, viewing machinery exhibits, touring the Agriculture Building (Butter Cow), and taking in as many “Fair” sites as possible. On a side note, we packed our lunch, so we missed out on the many “fried on a stick” options.

Reflecting back on those trips, I believe one of the things that made them enjoyable year after year was seeing all the locally produced jams, jellies, fruits, vegetables, and livestock. I truly feel this was how I developed my passion around locally produced food. Today, your co-op’s focus and commitment to “LOCAL” remains strong. Did you know that 25% of Wheatsfield sales are products grown or made locally? No other area grocer does “LOCAL” like Wheatsfield, and knowing where your food comes from and how it was produced is more important today than ever before!

Shifting gears to a financial note, Wheatsfield’s fiscal year ended June 30th, and it was a solid year. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT, as this would not have been possible without your continued patronage. Please know that the Board, Management Team, and all employees remain focused on Wheatsfield providing you great value for your food dollar.

In closing, enjoy the rest of your summer, have a fantastic rest of the year, and thanks again for supporting Wheatsfield Cooperative.