Springing Forward

Emilie Ruehs, Board Member
As we enter the coming months, we welcome a period of growth, change, and longer days ahead while also reflecting on the events in history that have brought us to where we are today. With the celebration of both a Co-op anniversary and Women’s History Month, I want to acknowledge the many ways that Wheatsfield has been a change maker; representing the ability to grow and develop while staying true to the original roots and mission. In 1974 a group of people with a passion for accessibility to quality, local food banded together to form a buying club with the desire to make whole and natural foods available to the public and to support healthy eating.
This month we celebrate the 14th year in our Northwestern location with the completion of a major kitchen remodel that allows staff to continue to produce great local food in a space that will prioritize their comfort and wellbeing for years to come. We also look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary in August of 2024.
In January, the Co-op broke the 7,000 member mark demonstrating a continued desire of both member-owners and staff in sharing the Wheatsfield mission within our community. In preparation for spring, we look forward to more in-person events and classes here at the Co-op. This month, as we celebrate the Co-op we also celebrate all of the people who have made this happen.
At Wheatsfield, 80% of the management team is woman lead. These women have worked endlessly to make the Co-op what it is today. They are a group of creative, passionate, driven, and knowledgeable people who have made a difference in their community and work tirelessly to ensure that the Co-op is a place welcoming to all.