The Fruit and Veggie Grilling Guide

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The Fruit and Veggie Grilling Guide Courtesy of, By Tara Duggan While most people associate outdoor grilling with burgers, hot dogs, and steaks, the grill imparts big flavors to fruits and veggies too. A wide array of produce paired with spice rubs, marinades and sauces galore will keep your patio table overflowing with [...]

Chevre, Fig and Honey Pizzas

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Chevre, Fig and Honey Pizzas Courtesy of, recipe by Robin Asbell Recipe Information Total Time: 35 minutes (if using dried figs, less with fresh); 10 minutes active Servings: 4 This pizza is a lovely mix of sweet and savory, and showcases the Mediterranean flavors of figs and tangy cheese. If you are looking [...]

Calimyrna Figs

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August 2021 Produce Parable Calimyrna Figs By Adam Calder Figs are in season, and we have an abundant supply in the Wheatsfield Cooperative produce department. Black Mission and Brown Turkey are the most widely grown and popular fig varieties in the United States, although there is a third and often overlooked option: the green [...]

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