Highlights from the November 2020 Board of Directors Meeting.

1. The board reviewed sales and financials for September and October. Sales in both months were strong, with rolling year-to-date sales ahead of FY2019 by 22.59%. Thank you members and shoppers, for your support!

2. The board revised and updated Wheatsfield Cooperative’s Core Values statements, which will be approved at the January meeting and then made available on the website.

3. As the first board meeting with newly-elected board members, the board elected officer positions and approved committees and chairs for 2021:

Board Officers for 2020
Liz Kolbe, President
Kevin Stow, Vice President
Ron Eichmeier, Treasurer
Rachel Dakarian, Secretary

Finance Committee
Ron Eichmeier, Chair
Liz Kolbe
Rachel Dakarian
Penny Brown Huber
Becky Pratt

General Manager Evaluation Committee
Liz Kolbe, Chair
Stefan Gailans
Ron Eichmeier
Kevin Stow

Nominations/Board Recruitment Committee
Jeff Kushkowski, Chair
Casey Szymanski
Sarah Davis
Rosalie Ruetz

Education & Outreach Committee
Megan Myers, Chair
Jeff Kushkowski
Casey Szymanski