Irish Cheeses for St. Patrick’s Day

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High quality pastures are key to high milk production in grazing dairy herds. Ireland’s picturesque pastures with luscious grasses are hosts to many high producing dairy herds. The island’s mild climate and moisture rich southwestern winds produce long seasons of emerald grassy pasture.  The lush grass helps produce a milk rich in beta carotene [...]

March Change for Community: Ames Romero House

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Ames Romero House Mission We invite those transitioning from homelessness, incarceration, or inadequate/unstable housing to stay with us and be part of a safe, stable home. There is no rent, judgement, and no expectations; only love, acceptance, and peace. Our mission stems from the encounter with the human person [...]

National Supermarket Employee Appreciation Day

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Appreciation notes to staff Thank you bags Gyro & gift kit Chad & Mara making gyros for staff! February 22 has been declared National Supermarket Employee Appreciation Day across the country. We want to take the opportunity to let all our staff know how [...]

February Change for Community: Youth and Shelter Services

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Youth and Shelter Services At YSS, we provide mental & behavioral health services for youth & their families in central Iowa. We give children, teens and young adults the opportunity to find their voice, make healthy choices, feel safe and secure, learn life skills, heal with compassion, grow their confidence and, ultimately—stand strong. Since [...]

Getting to Know Brioche

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Getting to Know Brioche; Introducing a New Bread at Wheatsfield Co-op Bakery Nate Kemperman Wheatsfield Head Bread Baker For years now, a regular Wheatsfield customer has requested that we make brioche bread in the bakery. Regrettably, I kept putting it off for later because it is more labor intensive, expensive and much different than [...]

January 2021 Produce Parable – New Seed Savers Varieties

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Adam Calder, Wheatsfield Co-op Produce Manager Every year, Seed Savers Exchange releases a handful of limited-edition seeds that they have never offered before. These seeds were cared for and tended to by previous generations, then gifted to Seed Savers to be handed down to future generations. One of those new seeds, the Fagiolini dell’occhio [...]

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