November 2020 Board Meeting Highlights

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Highlights from the November 2020 Board of Directors Meeting. 1. The board reviewed sales and financials for September and October. Sales in both months were strong, with rolling year-to-date sales ahead of FY2019 by 22.59%. Thank you members and shoppers, for your support! 2. The board revised and updated Wheatsfield Cooperative's Core Values statements, [...]

Dec. Change for Community Recipient: Food at First

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For each hungry person who walks through the FAF doors costs $1.35. This means $100 could help feed 75 people, WOW! Food at First The Food At First program, in Ames, Iowa, currently consists of two parts: a daily free meal program, plus a perishable food pantry known [...]

Evergreens for Sale at the Co-op!

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We're selling Christmas Trees at the Co-op! Oneota Slopes Farm - your Christmas Tree Grower:  Located in Decorah, Iowa, Andy, Emily Johnson and their three daughters grow 10 acres of pine, spruce and fir trees along the slopes of Northeast Iowa. After living in Georgia for a few years, Andy and Emily returned to [...]

Tips for Safe & Efficient Holiday Shopping

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COVID cases continue to rise in our area so please help us keep staff and customers safe by planning ahead for your holiday shopping!   ✔️Shop by yourself.   ✔️Make a list! This will help limit your time inside the store.   👍Buy as many of your staple items as EARLY as you [...]

November 2020 Produce Parable

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Season of Gratitude By Adam Calder     This year has been filled with trials and tribulations the likes of which many people in our community have never seen in their lifetimes.  Life changes so quickly, and at times the turbulence and anxiety caused by these changes can leave us feeling vulnerable and afraid. If all [...]

Nov. Change for Community: Habitat for Humanity

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"This should be a world where we recognize that we are all connected, where we act in solidarity in times of crisis." - HABITAT CEO JONATHAN RECKFORD Habitat for Humanity of Central Iowa has been diligently working throughout this chaotic year. COVID-19 has brought so much [...]

COVID-19 Update

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COVID UPDATE OCTOBER 26, 2020 The Co-op has been notified that an employee has tested positive for COVID-19. The employee last worked in the store on Friday, October 23 and did not have direct, close contact with customers and only limited contact with other staff. The employee had limited access to store areas and [...]

Board of Election Results

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The 2020 Board election results have been tabulated and the candidates have been notified. We are pleased and honored to welcome Rachel Dakarian, Sarah S. Davis and Ron Eichmeier to the Wheatsfield Board of Directors. Thanks to all of our candidates for their willingness to represent the members on the Wheatsfield Board of [...]

Holiday Shopping Tips, During a Pandemic

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TIPS FOR SHOPPING SAFELY & EFFICIENTLY FOR THE HOLIDAYS DURING A PANDEMIC COVID cases continue to rise in our area so please help us keep staff and customers safe by planning ahead for your holiday shopping! Shop by yourself. Make a list! This will help limit your time inside the store. Buy as many [...]

Bulk Sale, Oct 26 – Nov 1

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BULK SALE WEEK!Monday - Sunday, October 26 - November 1Just for Member-Owners & Student Members! SAVE 15% on one bulk shopping trip during the week. Exclusions apply, while supplies last.No need to rush into the co-op, our Bulk Sale is now a week long! We are trying something new in order to avoid congestion [...]

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