Dec. 2021 Produce Parable: Eliza Tibbets, the Mother of Navel Oranges

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Eliza Tibbets, the Mother of Navel Oranges By Adam Calder, Wheatsfield Produce Manager Navel oranges are one of the most popular winter fruits we sell at Wheatsfield, and understandably so. These oranges are known the world over for their sweet taste and thick peels that are easy to remove, and allow for easy packing [...]

December 2021, Word from the Board

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December 2021, Word From the Board Becky Mattan Pratt Vice President, Wheatsfield Board of Directors As a new Wheatsfield board member, I’d like to introduce myself and say thank you for this opportunity to serve. One of multiple reasons I am here, which is becoming more important as the world addresses problems such as [...]

Dec. 2021 Change for Community: The Bridge Home

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The Bridge Home is an organization that provides shelter and food to the homeless, and whenever possible, help to prevent individuals from becoming or remaining homeless. We seek to do so in a welcoming, nonjudgmental atmosphere that respects their human dignity. It is our goal to involve the community in the [...]

Probiotics May Offer COVID-19 Defense

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This article originally appeared on recent studies have determined that the health of the human gut has a significant impact on outcomes of COVID-19 infections. The gut microbiome—those bacteria, fungi, yeast, and other microbes that live by the trillions in our digestive tract—can help or hinder recovery from viruses. Yogurt: Packed with Probiotics One [...]

A Brief History of Pumpkin Pie

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November 2021 Produce Parable Adam Calder Sweet pumpkin pie decorated with whipped cream and cinnamon with a slice taken out Soon, the aroma of baking pumpkin pie will drift out from ovens all across the United States. These pies are often eagerly anticipated at the end of a Thanksgiving feast, and then [...]

Nov. Change for Community: Habitat for Humanity

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Habitat for Humanity of Central Iowa helps families build strength, stability, and independence through affordable home ownership. Central Iowa Families partner with Habitat to build a place they can call home and, in turn, they help build stronger neighborhoods and communities. With every dollar you donate, every hour you [...]

Welcome Board Members!

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The Wheatsfield Board of Directors and Member-Owners unanimously approved the slate of board candidates during the 2021 virtual annual meeting of the members. We would like to extend a congratulatory welcome to Becky Mattan Pratt, Emilie Ruehs, and Cal Rebhuhn. They each will serve a three year term on the Wheatsfield Board of Directors. [...]

Virtual Annual Meeting of the Members

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ANNUAL MEETING OF THE MEMBERS OCTOBER 20, 7PM, VIA ZOOM We look forward to 'seeing' you, sharing the latest from the co-op, and hearing your questions and feedback. As a member-owned cooperative, your participation in our governance is important, and we welcome you to join us for this year’s virtual annual meeting. Annual meeting [...]

October 2021 Produce Parable

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Cox Orange Pippin Apple By Adam Calder Wheatsfield Produce Manager The produce department is excited to offer a new apple variety to our customers: the Cox Orange Pippin. The Cox apple was discovered as a chance seedling by horticulturalist and brewer Richard Cox in 1830 at Buckinghamsihire, England. It has since grown in popularity [...]


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