Earth Week Activities at the Co-op

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Earth Week Activities at the Co-op! April 19-24, Earth Month themed activities, sustainably geared information, and giveaways culminating in our Produce Sale! Monday, April 26, 10am Event: Clean Up Around the Co-op NO RSVP NEEDED! Join Co-op Staff to Stash the Trash around the Co-op in honor of Earth Day! [...]

April 2021, Word From the Board

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Casey Szymanski Board of Directors Spring Has Finally Arrived, and here at Wheatsfield we are anticipating more local produce and the celebration of Earth Day next week! Did you know environmental responsibility is one of our co-op’s core values? And more than just a day-long celebration, our store embodies a commitment to sustainability throughout [...]

April Change for Community: Outdoor Alliance of Story County

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Clean Water, Heathy Food The Outdoor Alliance of Story County (Outdoor Alliance) is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 at the request of Mike Cox, the Director of Story County Conservation. Since then, the Outdoor Alliance has raised funds for land acquisitions, trails, adult outdoor education, county park improvements, reconnecting the South Skunk River [...]

March 2021 Board Meeting Highlights

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MARCH 2021 BOARD MEETING HIGHLIGHTS 1. The Board finalized a vision statement for Wheatsfield Co-op, which is nested among the Mission and Core Values. The Vision reads: “Everyone’s favorite place to shop, learn, and connect.” This action completes the Board’s 2020-2021 update of the Mission, Vision, and Core Values. 2. Wheatsfield’s financials are strong, [...]

March Mini Member Drive

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March Mini Member Drive Help us reach 40 new member-owners! At Wheatsfield, you’re not just a member, you’re an OWNER! Join 6,600+ of your neighbors and friends in member-ownership! Not a member-owner? Did you know that member-ownership is a one-time fully refundable investment with some excellent benefits?! Why join the Co-op? Since 1974 Wheatsfield Co-op [...]

Naturally Dyed Eggs

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Egg dyeing is a fun way to celebrate this time of year—and it's a tradition that goes way back—as much as 5,000 years when Persians celebrated springtime with eggs colored with plant-based dyes. Plant dyes can be just as useful today and they're plentiful; in fact you very well might have dye-worthy ingredients in [...]

March 2021, A Word From the Board

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IN THE SPIRIT OF REFLECTION Rachel Dakarian Board Secretary Now more than ever, we are focused on the comforts of home and Wheatsfield means just that for so many of us. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. The challenges of this past year have transformed every aspect [...]

Irish Cheeses for St. Patrick’s Day

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High quality pastures are key to high milk production in grazing dairy herds. Ireland’s picturesque pastures with luscious grasses are hosts to many high producing dairy herds. The island’s mild climate and moisture rich southwestern winds produce long seasons of emerald grassy pasture.  The lush grass helps produce a milk rich in beta carotene [...]

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