1. Store sales and customer counts continue to be strong each month. We appreciate the continued support of the shoppers in our store!
  2. The Board heard a report about the Ames Climate Action Plan. The City Council adopted the target reduction science based + Equity – 80% by 2030; net 0 by 2050 option and the     consultant will report about how Ames can accomplish that goal in September. We look forward to the final report and planning ways that Wheatsfield can contribute to the overall Ames CAP effort.
  3. The Board approved hiring an engineering firm to provide plans and drawings for an HVAC renovation project in the Wheatsfield kitchen. Ongoing heat and humidity issues in the kitchen prompted the study. Once the engineer’s report is received, the Board will decide whether to proceed with construction.
  4. Wheatsfield leadership team will be attending DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) courses offered by National Co-op Grocers. The courses cover topics about creating an inclusive store culture and appreciating individual differences. This training can help ensure that Wheatsfield meets the needs of our diverse staff and shoppers.
  5. A reminder that January is Wellness Whenever Month/15% discount on one supplement and body care shopping trip for member-owners and student members only