This wee pear is crisp and very sweet. Perfect for fresh snacking and making preserves. Only available at the co-op for a limited time!


A most versatile pear! A perfect pick for fresh eating. Bartlett pears are sweet and juicy with a flavorful aroma. The skin will become bright yellow when fully ripened. An excellent choice for canning, baking, drying or eating fresh.


A mild, sweet pear with a subtle floral aroma. It is very juicy when ripe and has a pleasant, smooth texture, making it perfect for snacking, salads, or any fresh use that shows off the brilliance of its skin.


Firm in texture with a nutty aroma. They have a dense flesh which is ideal for baking and cooking, such as in preserves, pies, muffins or poaching.


A true pear with an apple shape, this variety has a high moisture content and is best suited for raw applications as their crunchy texture, and sweet flavor is showcased when consumed fresh, out-of-hand. Great ‘peared’ with an aged cheddar or Manchego cheese.

Pear Tips & Reminders

Pear skins can taste bitter when cooked, so peel pears before poaching, baking and canning if you prefer. When picking pears in the produce department, collect them gingerly or cradle them in a box since ripe pears can easily bruise.