Highlights from the Board of Directors meeting held on August 26th, 2020.

1.  The first month of sales in the new fiscal year continue to show strong sales for the co-op. Sales for July 2020 were 28% higher than sales in July 2019! Thank you for shopping!

2.  Due to the derecho, the co-op lost power from Monday Aug. 10 until Thursday, Aug. 14. Wheatsfield is putting together the insurance claim to cover spoilage, business interruption, lost wages and additional expenses covered by the store’s insurance policies.

3.  The application period for Wheatsfield Board candidates has closed. The Nominations Committee will vet candidates and present a slate to the board for approval at a special meeting of the board on Aug. 29.

4. The Annual Meeting of the Members will be a virtual meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 21 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Details on how to join will be shared in the store and through co-op emails and social media. Hope to “see” many of you there!