Megan Myers, Wheatsfield Board of Directors

Megan Myers

In this season of thanksgiving, it’s appropriate to reflect on some of the ways that your local co-op, Wheatsfield, thanks you as part of its growing community of member-owners. The holiday season, though, is also about reciprocity and it is also helpful to think about the ways that you can also thank your co-op.

If you attended the recent October Annual Meeting of the Members, you enjoyed the colorful, festive (and free!) grazing table. Food aside, those in attendance heard General Manager Linda Johnson thank everyone at Torrent Brewing Company that night for being Wheatsfield members. On behalf of the Wheatsfield Board of Directors, I would also like to extend this “thank you” to our member-owners. Thank you for supporting Wheatsfield and fomenting—both within the four walls of the store and beyond—a sense of community centered around education, local products, and environmental responsibility.

Another holiday-inspired “thank you” to Wheatsfield shoppers will take place Saturday, December 14th in-store. Come celebrate the start to Winter with festive samples around the co-op, live music, and holiday giveaways. Get creative at our Do-it-Yourself Evergreens station from 10:00am-1:00pm or bring your sweet-tooth (and your little ones!) to take part in Do-it-Yourself cookie decorating from 1:00pm-3:00pm.

If these Fall and Winter store events are just some examples of how Wheatsfield actively thanks shoppers and member-owners, you’re likely wondering how you can thank your co-op? The answer: It’s easy, and you’re probably already doing some of these things!

For one, you can round up for local charities when you check out at Wheatsfield. In October you helped us to raise $2,886 for ACCESS and in November $3,003 for Habitat for Humanity; these funds will be used to repair their emergency shelter and help build homes in our community. By rounding up at the register, you help Wheatsfield live out its mission to support our community. Another way to say “thank you” to Wheatsfield is by opting to pay with cash, check, or debit card when checking out. You can save Wheatsfield money—at no cost to you—by paying with means other than a credit card since credit cards charge varying processing fees. Another idea to thank Wheatsfield this season is to fill out the survey—sometimes included at the bottom of your receipt—to let us know how we are doing. Your feedback is important!

As a Board Member, Mother, and Ames resident, I am thankful and grateful for Wheatsfield’s presence as a staple in our Ames community. I’m thankful I don’t have to dissuade my kids from wanting to purchase silly toys or candy near the cash register and can instead buy them a healthy organic smoothie; I’m thankful for delicious rotating kombucha flavors; I’m thankful for extra deals for member-owners that make shopping local and organic more affordable; and, more broadly, I’m thankful for this holiday season of reflection and thanksgiving!