Kevin Stow
Board of Directors

As summer kicks off

the nice weather is here, and the outdoors are calling. Many of us will venture outside to our favorite beach, park, or just around the neighborhood. Spending time outdoors can have noticeable benefits for physical and mental health, including lowering your blood pressure and reducing stress, improved mood, and enhanced focus. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoy the extra benefits of being outside!

Many of us will fire up the grill for Memorial Day (May 31) and Father’s Day (June 20). Celebrate family and friends with a nutritious meal from Wheatsfield. Stop by the meat counter for fresh ground beef, house made brats and antibiotic-free, locally sourced chicken, beef, pork, bison, and lamb. Eco, wild or farmed, low-mercury seafood may be your grill favorite. Grill alternatives include non-animal meat products like Beyond Meat, tofu, and of course fresh vegetables. Make it an easy meal with salads from the deli, fresh bread and sweets from the bakery, and your favorite beverage from the cooler.

The board of directors continues to appreciate every member who supported the Co-op and our staff through a tumultuous couple of years of local competition, pandemic, and an extraordinary weather event. June will be a Member Month so plan to include some new items in your next shopping trip, I always take the opportunity to try something new. We celebrate the successful return of the $5 dinners (pre-packaged) and look forward to being able to bring back other member favorites.

Summer is also the time where the Wheatsfield Board begins to work toward a full slate of candidates for the October board of directors’ election. My time on the board of directors over the past three years have been extremely rewarding and a great opportunity to learn about our beloved Co-op. Though I will not be running for re-election myself, I am looking forward to welcoming new members to our board, I highly encourage any member who may be interested in serving the Co-op to put your name forward.

Enjoy your summer!