COVID cases continue to rise in our area so please help us keep staff and customers safe by planning ahead for your holiday shopping!
✔️Shop by yourself.
✔️Make a list! This will help limit your time inside the store.
?Buy as many of your staple items as EARLY as you can. Do not wait until the week of Thanksgiving to purchase your whole list.
?We cannot guarantee availability of any holiday item. The supply chain remains strained and demand continues to be high. The earlier you purchase your items, the better.
⌛There may be times we have to manage the number of customers in the store so please be prepared to wait in line to enter as other customers leave, especially as we get closer to Thanksgiving.
?️Curbside pickup will be limited and scheduled in advance for Sunday-Wednesday (11/22-11/25) in the days leading up to the holiday. We will not be able to fulfill extra orders those days. Visit Curbside Page, scheduling is now open via Eventbrite.
Thank you for your continued support!