About the Artist:

Becky Thomas, Painter/Illustrator passionately produces works that convey an appreciation for the simplest and most meaningful concepts from the world around us and how they touch our lives. Her work has been described as the product of a “keen eye” and a “quiet yet intense sensitivity.” She grew up in a small Ohio town when life was simple. Her love of drawing overshadowed any other childhood pastime, and her talent was evidenced soon after she could hold a pencil.

That small town was also home to a vastly accomplished painter/teacher, Eva Pauline Cox. Now in her 80’s her last student was Becky. Thus began four years of three-hour weekly private lessons from one of the “greats” who had trained during, and studied with several masters of the Post-Impressionist Era.

When Becky arrived at that first lesson, sketchbook and pencil clutched in her somewhat timid hand, she was nine years old. It was in that carriage house “Barn Studio” that Miss Cox lovingly guided Becky’s hand to the artist’s brush and canvas.

Life happens. Years passed. Now a Grandma, Becky has dove back into her passion for Painting/Illustration. Her hope is that you get as much joy from it as she does.

If interested in commissioned work reach out:

[email protected]