September – October Artist on Display

Daishin McCabe

Eric Daishin McCabe was first inspired to write Zen Calligraphy when he saw a demonstration by a Japanese Rinzai Zen Master, Fukushima Keido Roshi, at Bucknell University in 1993. His first teacher of calligraphy is Mariko Tachihara, a Japanese teacher of English, whom he met while teaching English in Kakogawa, Japan in 1995. Since then he has had the opportunity to study with several calligraphers including Nonin Chowaney of the Nebraska Zen Center and Kaz Tanahashi. Daishin is a Zen priest. His name means “Great Faith”, and it was given to him when he received the Buddhist precepts. He goes by both “Daishin” and “Eric” depending on who is asking.

He teaches Buddhist philosophy, meditation, yoga, and calligraphy to people of all walks of life and spiritual paths. He was ordained in 2004 and given permission to teach in 2009. He is fully ordained in the Soto Zen tradition and is a recognized teacher both in the Association of Soto Zen Buddhists and in the Soto Zen Buddhist Association. Daishin undertook a 15 year mentorship with Abbess Dai-En Bennage of Mount Equity Zendo, located in rural central Pennsylvania. During this time he trained at various Soto Zen Monasteries in Japan including Shogoji, Zuioji, Gotanjoji, Hosshinji, Hokyoji, and Kappa Dojo. In France he trained with Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. He also practiced in California at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center and with Rev. Nonin Chowaney at the Nebraska Zen Center. He is a certified hatha Yoga teacher through Integral Yoga. Daishin studied at Bucknell University where he received a BA in Religion and Biology in 1995. He completed 5 units of Clinical Pastoral Education at Wellspan York Hospital in August of 2014, where he worked as a Chaplain in Behavioral Health. Just prior to this he taught meditation and yoga for two years to clients at White Deer Run, a drug and alcohol rehab in central PA.

Daishin has ten years experience as a Guest Teacher and speaker at Buddhist meditation retreats, yoga centers, colleges, and multi-faith gatherings. You can visit him at his website at: Daishin presently resides in Ames, Iowa with his wife and family. He is available to offer Zen calligraphy workshops and retreats to individuals and groups in the Ames vicinity and beyond.

Visit him at or email at [email protected].