Highlights from the November 15th Board Meeting:

1. Wheatsfield added 154 members during the October Member Drive. Welcome, new members!

2. The Board elected officer positions and determined committee chairs for 2018. Officers are: Stefan Gailans, President; Gina McAndrews, Vice President; Casey Szymanski, Treasurer;  Liz Kolbe, Secretary. Committee chairs: Casey Szymanski, Finance Chair; Stefan Gailans, General Manager Evaluation Committee Chair; Liz Kolbe, Nominations/Board Recruitment Chair and Education & Outreach Chair.

3. The Board is looking for members to join the Finance Committee. This committee meets quarterly to review the Co-op’s financials, and is comprised of Board and non-board Co-op members. Contact Casey Szymanski if you are interested.

4. The Board is also looking for members to join the Education & Outreach Committee. This committee volunteers during Co-op events like the Truck Sale, Fourth of July Parade, and Thanksgiving Sample Day. Contact Liz Kolbe if you are interested.

5. Key financial indicators for Wheatsfield are trending up following completion of the expansion. Thank you for your support – keep up the good shopping!