What you’re seeing is the work of Ames, Iowa artist, Leslie Hall. Born at Mary Greeley Medical Center in 1981, Leslie has since decided to stay in Ames forever. Being voted Prom Queen of Ames High Class of 2000 she knew a Queen must always stay near her people.

To keep the winter blues away and boredom at bay she is making things. Whether it’s videos for the internet like “Tight Pants, Body Rolls” or her new web series called “Yarn House” But also dipping her brush into acrylic painting, like the ones you might be dining with today. She’s a fan of color, humor, whimsical ideas and story telling with each painting.

All the paintings are for sale and commissions challenges accepted. If you’d like to purchase a painting or a print please text or email the artist at: [email protected] / 515-451-4648