“This should be a world where we recognize that we are all connected, where we act in solidarity in times of crisis.”


Habitat for Humanity of Central Iowa has been diligently working throughout this chaotic year. COVID-19 has brought so much of our “old” way of life to a halt. One thing that remains clear is that even in a pandemic, the need for affordable housing is a must. The average family in Iowa spends well over 30% of their income on housing costs and that leaves very little for other necessities.

Currently, we are working on a property in Eldora. Many volunteers are contributing labor to help get this home ready. As one of only two places in Ames to buy quality furniture, our store has been very busy. We are actively fundraising to secure a new moving truck which allows us to collect donations as well as deliver items safely. Lastly, we are excited to be working with the city to secure a few more properties for 2021 builds.

Though life has been disrupted on many levels, we are diligent at working towards the goal of affordable housing for all, regardless of race, religion, color, or sex. We at Habitat for Humanity of Central Iowa believe that everyone deserves to have a house and to transform it into a home.