March 7-22
Join the Co-op during our member drive and receive a reusable bulk bag, a bar of Equal Exchange fair trade chocolate, $5 dinner coupon, and extras from YOUR Co-op!
Membership options:
Full Equity Member-Ownership
  • Buy a share in the Co-op! You will literally own the Co-op! Join 6,300+ other member-owners in ownership.
  • Full Benefits & Discounts
  • One-time purchase
  • $100 purchase – can pay all at once or over 10 months
  • Fully refundable!
Student Membership
Membership helps grow and operate the Co-op, grows local business, supports local producers, promotes the cooperative business model, supports the sustainability of the Co-op, provides local jobs and more!
Talk to a cashier and join today! It only takes a few minutes!