La Riojana Cooperative Fair Trade Wines

La Riojana Wines Cooperative, a collection of Fair Trade Certified farms in Argentina, is the single largest producer of Fairtrade certified wines in the world. Each wine stands for the ethos of the winery, teaching La Riojana growers to produce wine using sustainable and ethical farming practices as well as supporting health and education throughout their communities.

When you purchase La Riojana wines you are not just purchasing quality wine, you are helping more than 422 cooperative members continue to invest in a brighter future.

La Riojana Malbec

This dark, full-bodied Malbec shows off its intensity with herbal berry aromas. Pumped-up candied black-fruit flavors are thick and gooey, with cooked brown sugar, mint and toasty flavors on the finish. A perfect match for grilled red meats, tomato based pasta dishes, cheese or chocolate.

La Riojana Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine is clear and bright with a deep ruby color. It’s a sophisticated wine with concentrated, succulent fruit. It is dry in the mouth with silky tannins. It has pronounced intensity flavors of dark plums, dark cherries, cocoa, and hints of coffee. Enjoy with pasta, grilled steak, pork chops, meats or stews.

La Riojana Cooperative Fair Trade Olive Oils

La Riojana produces Fairtrade extra virgin olive oil from select olives grown in the Antinaco Valleys in South America. This is one of the most important olive producing regions in South America. They received Fair Trade certification for their olive oils in 2015, the first producer in Latin America to do so.

Extra virgin Fairtrade olive oil

A balanced blend made from Arauco, Arbequina and Manzanilla olive varieties with a ripe olive bouquet and notes of almonds and spices.

Extra virgin Fairtrade organic olive oil

A blend of Arauco and Manzanilla organic olive varieties with an aroma of green and ripe olives and notes of dried fruits and a combination of spicy and sweet flavors.