Round-up for a Bread Slicer!

The response to the email we sent at the beginning of May about restructuring our member loan debt has been overwhelmingly positive. We have heard from many people about how important Wheatsfield is to member-owners and the community. A common question has been, “What else can we do to help?”

A number of member-owners have suggested that we need to change the round up campaign at the cash registers to raise funds to help out the Co-op. After hearing this multiple times, we want to try it out!

For the summer months, June-August, the Change for Community funds will go toward the purchase of a new bread slicer to slice the delicious Co-op Made Artisan bread on demand!

This piece of equipment costs about $6,000, sits on the top of our most wanted list and is often requested by customers. We have even heard that people shop here less because we do not have a bread slicer. A new bread slicer will help us serve you better and can help increase sales! Round up to the nearest dollar or contribute more if you like.

We fully appreciate all of your support and hope that this is something that can help us start to get sales growing again.