Outdoor Alliance of Story County

The Outdoor Alliance of Story County (Outdoor Alliance) works to enhance outdoor recreation, education and conservation in Story County.
Wheatsfield has been supporting these efforts since 2016 by helping to fund Story County Conservation’s Jordan Acres land acquisition. This land is adjacent to the South Skunk River and near the wells Ames depend upon for its water. Since then, Wheatsfield’s donations have been instrumental in water monitoring in
the county too. The Outdoor Alliance together with Wheatsfield, Story County Conservation, Prairie Rivers of Iowa and a host of citizen volunteers are gathering the information needed to protect the water we depend upon. The Outdoor Alliance has also been busy since the Jordan Acres acquisition Wheatsfield supported and are highlighted below.

  • Water Monitoring: Its what we drink too.
  • Land Acquisitions: Eight so far and counting.
  • Trails: Heart of Iowa Trail and Tedesco Trail GoFundMe Improvements.
  • Service Projects: Trails, Tree Plantings, Seed Collecting, River and Creek Cleanups.
  • Park Improvements: Hickory Grove, Ada Hayden and the Skunk River Water Trail.
  • Environmental Education: Presentations, Workshops and Ames Reads Leopold
    Community Celebration.
  • Outdoor Recreation: All Season Hikes and kayaks at Hickory Grove Park.
  • Access Ada Hayden Boat Dock GoFundMe Project.
  • Assisting with Reconnecting the South Skunk River 13th Street Dam Modifications.

Learn more at Outdoor Alliance of Story County’s Website