The Ames Animal Shelter exists as a safe place where animals without a human voice to speak for them can find comfort and safety. They believe every life that comes through their doors matters—be it wild, domestic, or somewhere in-between. Through their services, education, and advocacy, they work to build a humane community that promotes compassion and seeks to strengthen the human-animal bond. By partnering with their dedicated volunteers, donors, and community supporters, they can run a progressive animal sheltering agency that always puts the needs of their animals above all else.

They are proud to serve the Ames community as a no-kill animal shelter. Since 2005, the Ames Animal Shelter has boasted an over 90% live release rate, with an over 95% live release rate since 2015. They pride themselves on their transparency, ensuring all of their statistical data is posted on their website. Because every beating heart that comes in their doors matters, you will see that every animal is accounted for in their statistical data regardless of age, breed, or condition upon arrival. It is their solemn pledge that no animal’s life end by their hands unless that animal is suffering from irremediable conditions, in which case they feel it is their duty as caregivers to end the suffering.

For more information and ways to give, visit the Ames Animal Shelter website and their Amazon Wish List.