ISO Student Representative for Wheatsfield’s Board of Directors

“Students – You should apply because it’s awesome!”

Hello fellow students,
For the past year I have been the student representative on the Wheatsfield Board of Directors and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being the voice for students on this leadership team. The board is now looking for the next student representative, and I want to encourage you to apply. I’ve learned a great deal about Wheatsfield’s history, how the co-op functions, and what it means to be a “co-op.” I’ve also learned about the different resources that Wheatsfield offers to students and the community as it strives to be more than just a grocery store.
The leaders at Wheatsfield embrace that students are critical components of this community, and thus want to ensure that student voices are properly represented and given a seat at the table. I invite you to represent students’ voices at Wheatsfield—we need you! To apply you have to either be a co-op member-owner* or a student discount holder** at Wheatsfield.
What will I have to do as the student representative?
  • Show up, be prepared, listen, and add to the hive mind as needed.
  • Give a one-year commitment to the Board of Directors.
  • Have a genuine interest in the cooperative model, food issues, and our community.
  • Prepare for and attend a monthly Board meeting.
  • Become familiar with the Articles and Bylaws, and the Mission and Core Value Statements
  • Attend Board outreach events. Here is a link to the student representative application that features some of Wheatsfield’s history along with some questions about why you might want to serve in this capacity. Please reach out to me if you have any questions about this position!
  • Applications are due Sept. 15th.
Derek Franklin
[How do I know what kind of member I am?]
*You’re a co-op Member-Owner if you purchased your membership for a one-time payment of $100 or made 10 payments  of $10 each for a total of $100.
**You’re a Student Discount holder if you made an annual $20 purchase.