Get on Board!

June Word From the Board

Emilie Ruehs, Wheatsfield Board Member

As the blossoming spring days transition into colorful summer evenings, we welcome the warmth and activity that the upcoming months bring to our community. My hope is that this warmth extends beyond environmental temperature toward a reflection of what it truly means to cultivate a healthy environment, feelings of acceptance, and a socially just community.

June offers the opportunity for all of us to be more aware of our histories as we celebrate Pride Month and Juneteenth in addition to our June Member Celebration event. So, whether you join us for kicking off our Tiny Deck Concert Series or stop to grab items for poolside cookouts & father’s day celebrations, we truly want to share these special moments with you and if you would like to become more involved yourself, consider becoming a member of our Board of Directors.

What is the Board of Directors?

Wheatsfield Cooperative’s governance structure, like most other member-owned co-ops, involves the work of a board to review and set policy, hire and evaluate the general manager, monitor the organization’s financials, and interact with the membership to support the Co-op’s mission and vision.

Why should I run for the Board?

1) The Co-op needs the input and vitality of your participation. It will thrive best from rotating a variety of member voices. And,

2) You will learn a ton about cooperatives and discover how much you can make a difference in our community.

What will I have to do?

Show up, be prepared, listen, and add to the hive mind as needed.

Here are the basics:

● Give a three-year commitment to the Board of Directors.

● Become familiar with the Articles and Bylaws, and the Mission and Core Value Statements.

● Prepare for and attend a monthly Board meeting.

● Understand the financial statements.

● Attend Board outreach events.

● Have a genuine interest in the cooperative model, food issues, and our community.

Am I really qualified?

Yes. Three of the nine director positions are up for election each year. Some members choose to run for another term and others move on. You will always have a mix of veteran and new directors with a range of organizational experience and talents. No single director has to be an expert in every aspect of Cooperative governance, but each contributes.

How do I apply?

Please read the Board Packet and fill out the application. The Nominations and Recruitment Committee will review your application and contact you about the next steps.

Also, there is a student seat for a 1-year appointment running September through August. Wheatsfield’s student community members are eligible to apply for the position here. If you’d like a little more context about the Board, please see my article from last year here, or send your questions to [email protected].