The Buxton Initiative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization centered around providing the community with educational programming in celebration of Black art, music, literature, and film in hopes of creating a more equitable future for Black Youth in Iowa and surrounding states.

When you donate, you are not just helping The Buxton Initiative, you are investing in the Iowa Black Community. You are making a difference. By giving, you are making the arts more accessible to all — helping us host community events and processions in which we are providing food for the homeless and the community at large.

Through your generosity, we are able to offer free programming, such as movie showings, artist talks, and in-person panel discussion; these experiences allow us to offer a space to showcase Blackness and its brilliance in a way Iowa has never seen. We are also able to bring art out to the community, enabling us to reach people that might not normally come to The Buxton Initiative. In places outside of Iowa, in the next five years we hope to bring the Black’D out Books program to cities across the US to combat the nationwide book bans that are happening in our schools.

Be apart of the movement and help us truly create equity and light in the forgotten spaces of this country.”