From the Heart

Emilie Ruehs
Wheatsfield Board of Directors

It goes without saying that the heart of any Co-op is its membership. By definition, a co-op is any business owned and run by its members that works toward a common goal. In my few short months as a member of the board, I can honestly say that Wheatsfield has some amazing members. Member-owners who truly care about their community, are invested in the success and sustainability of their co-op, and who are welcoming and accepting of all of their neighbors.

Our member-owners have shared in the co-op’s successes as well as all of the hurdles that have been thrown in our way. You’ve withstood a third round of a global pandemic. You have been flexible with supply chain limits impacting inventory and co-op prices. You continue to support all of our local farmers, producers, and makers who have struggled in their own ways. Most importantly you have continued to demonstrate appreciation and respect for our staff who have been under an increased amount of stress throughout everything. All of that to say, we couldn’t have done any of this without all of you.

February brings plenty of opportunities to show your appreciation and gratitude to those that you love. Our Valentine’s Day roses arrive on Thursday, February 10th and the Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Sale runs February 11th-12th. If you’re looking for recommendations (especially for the plant-based chocolate lover in your life), I personally recommend the following:

Reminder that February is also a Wellness Whenever Month, Member-Owners and Student-Members save 15% on one regular priced wellness and body care shopping trip! We hope you enjoy the Big Game on Sunday, February 13th and look for tasty deals around the co-op perfect for football favors.

Stay warm. Stay Safe. And surround yourselves with love.